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Artificial Living…

Last week I was bold, a bit crazy and quite fortunate. I went to Yosemite in the summer. Yeah, I know, FN knucklehead, right?! The heat, even at 8000 feet and those RV caravans. Well, besides the relentless barrage of angry drivers racing through the park on the Tuolumne freeway, it turned out fine. I, like the next guy, have become use to the amusement park, bumper car treatment. And mosquitoes in full swarm, the size of small hummingbirds, await the hapless touristos. None of this was news to me. I was, however,  astounded by all the hantavirus pulmonary disease plague signs posted at every nook in the Park. Watch out for that flea. PLEASE!

What’s next, a vaccination station inside the park? (Incidentally, on the drive back through Oakdale in the central valley of California, I did see a sign stating:

“Rattlesnake season is here. Have you been vaccinated?” Yep, pretty soon we will have vaccine meal replacements too.)

Fortunately, I had a plan. I stayed just outside the east boundary of the park at Sawmill Campground, a walk-in campsite at 9,800 feet. It was truly amazing.

One thing I was grateful for: no cell phone coverage inside Yosemite.  Because cell phones are like pace-makers combined with a pacifier. People have no idea they are undergoing habitual, full-scale hypnotic treatment. Cell phones are the new age pacifier because like a baby being given an artificial nipple, cell phones distract one from their feelings and emotions, funneling attention into the next thing and the next. We never stop long enough to see that what we really want is what we already are: this spacious formless soul-being.

The cell phone is also like a heart pace-maker since it is meant to keep the mind active and busy, the central focus, the portal obsession which our whole world revolves around. The cell phone can hypnotize one into believing in its pseudo power. Under the influence of cell phones one falls even deeper into delusion, via the fascinating functions and textual chatter.

Artificial intelligence is not some hundred tanks set to ensure marshal law in some near off future. AI is here now; it is simply not recognized. AI is operating in an insidious fashion through our tech devices.  The newer advanced cell phone technology is perpetuating a new type of robotic human. Cell phones come with robotic-sounding names, like Android. This is no mistake. IPhone means ‘I am my phone’-one has literally identified so potently with their phone or device that they have become it.

This new breed of humans are losing touch with the subtle, the ever-present. Inner Space, palpable, alive and full of joy is being filled up, replaced with the artificial. The word artificial means: ‘not natural or real : made, produced, or done to seem like something natural’. This cyber-kinetic madness has brought about a new type of stupor. We have all seen it. The guy  walking down the beach, head cocked down, eyes being suctioned into the cell phone; a whale breaching in the background but he does not even see it. His girlfriend missed it too. They weren’t even relating at all; just forms silently walking side by side, both in their far off distance make-believe worlds. The cell phone sheath has been pulled over promising more and more colorful, albeit artificial vistas for the robotically-transfixed mind. Like their video-game predecessors, which have become more and more violent, cell phones and other portable, mobile computer devices act similarly to a drug, offering a elixer-like carrot of ecstasy. Unlike their psychedelic brethren, these mind-altering, artificial stimulants operate in stealth.

And text messaging is the 3rd largest addiction, behind only online porno and gaming. Online porno and gaming both deserve books of their own and no blog could adequately portray their damaging effects. Both inhibit one’s natural vibration, stunt creativity and numb feelings while distracting us from authentic connection and important duties.

The truth be told, if Yosemite National Park suddenly provided cell phone coverage, the death toll would rocket from 15 a year to 500. Text seems to scream at us through the little beep noise indicating a message received. This leads to more and more artificial connection, inauthentic communication. Those born after 1985, toddlers, teens and those in their 20’s have grown up in a world which is more and more reliant on cell phones. The teenagers and those in their 20’s do not even know how to have a real relationship anymore. They might not even realize that their naturalness has become blanketed in madness. As Bob Newhart said:

“With the advent of cell phones, especially with the very small microphone that attach to the cell phone itself, it’s getting harder and harder I find, to differentiate between schizophrenics and people talking on a cell phone.”

What can be done? One must become more interested in Reality. Earnestly, relentlessly we must turn our attention towards awareness, that pulsating and radiate life force that breaths us all. This True Current allows the body to function. At any moment one can choose to be interested in the Real Current or the gadget-based artificial. It’s up to You.

A Poem…

The following poem was inspired by a series of amazing-grace moments, silent interludes and subtle interactions with a Hare Krishna Devotee who works in a bakery in Soquel, California.The simple sharing and pure beauty of this connection helped to facilitate a deeper blossoming of the bhakti (devotional nature) within my own heart. Her love and inclusiveness, embracing everything as the Self (Source) is the essence of the Hare Krishna devotional path. My own journey has been more about negating the unreal, until nothing is left but Source. And when nothing is left, the Real is there in all its glory: Love abounds. That is what this poem touches.

(Hare Krishna’s are a spiritual group who practice congregational chanting known as hari-nama sankirtan). The Hare Krishna’s gather together to chant the Holy Names of the Supreme Lord. Their primary focus is devotional and includes: hearing, chanting, remembering one’s divine nature, serving all, worshipping, praying, befriending and fully surrendering to the Supreme Being).

This poem is for Dana:


Sri Krishna’s Eyes


Innocent and gentle with Sri Krishna’s eyes,

She knows the Eternal One that never dies.

A subtle geyser running silent yet deep,

It’s Pure Bhakti-Heart which makes us weep.

Awareness, Truth & Love – we must have those,

The Essential Ground where relationship flows.

The mind, the body – this entire earth dance,

Life living us – one immense Divine glance.

Magic happens when we meet in this Space,

Present and awake— to a magnificent grace.

“Whatever comes unasked, comes from the Supreme!”

These words from the Master point to that beam.

Get still, attune to the Ever-sprouting Seed;

A brilliant Guiding Light, Fulfiller of all need.


(For those who might not be aware, Sri Krishna is considered divinity incarnate, the purity of God manifested and unadulterated as the Holy Spirit–which essentially signifies that all is One, all is Love. Krishna is like the Eastern Brother of Christ, as both beacons of light point us back to the Totality of what we are – not merely an individualized body but the vastness of Pure Consciousness).

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