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The Austrian Ozone innovator, Doctor Lahodny, introduced the 10-pass, Major Auto-hemotherapy about a year ago in the United States. Since that time, the therapeutic effectiveness of these blood transfusion treatments has greatly improved (For years only 1-pass was done).

I finally had a full 10-pass transfusion on Tuesday. It took about 90 minutes and I was fortunate to have the ICU nurse Pamela, a veritable wealth of direct experience (she has had about 50 of these done on herself – not to mention the hundreds that she has supervised for patients).

During the first pass, Pamela said:

“Your blood looks good. I see a lot of blood; you must eat a good diet.”

Pamela’s nursing skills were technically brilliant, the way she managed the IV lines, adjusting heparin dosage (blood thinner is imperative to keep the blood from clotting the lines), and Pamela even added 10 grams of Vitamin C (a powerful healer and oxidizer itself). Because of the Vitamin C and the use of Nattokinase, a proteolytic enzyme, less Heparin is needed for blood- thinning. Pamela did have to change a clogging needle (my blood was not thin enough at one point—apparently we hit a thick sludge near the 6th pass which may have been related to my long-standing chronic illness or the lack of effective action of my Vitalzyme product -which may not have had enough Nattokinase. All through the transfusion, Pamela kept her heart in full bloom.

During the last few passes of bood I felt oxygen rush to my brain at a level not experienced in a decade. It was as if I was going back in time, to place of deep health, while still being able to retain the wisdom of who I am now. (About 7-8 ounces are pulled from the body, ozonated, and put back in during each pass).

The 10-pass treatment is, ideally, done 10 times, once per week. I have felt reborn physically the last few days.

My mother, Carolyn, was interested in the therapy and lived just 2 miles away, so she was able to sit and take in the whole experience. Pamela actually gave a nutritional- educational session to my mother at no extra charge.  Upon learning my mom used canola oil, Pamela said it was unhealthy, had GMO ingredients and puts the planet put under stress while damaging the lives of indigenous peoples during the processing and production. Another time I made a statement about ozone being grandfathered into Western Medicine and there was no way the Mainstream Western Machine could stop it (though they would love to outlaw it)–to this Pamela replied:

“Yes, but Mainstream puts pressure on the suppliers of oxygen and other ozone equipment” – making it harder and harder to obtain oxygen tanks and accessories.

My mom and I were quite astounded and impressed- not only with Pamela’s expertise but the results of the 10-pass ozone blood transfusion-which bore evidence through my revitalized being.

Once mom realized that these Ozone treatments were effective at eradicating the root factors involved in my long-standing chronic illness challenge, she decided to pay for the treatment series by amending her Will and giving, an “early inheritance”.  My mother has a generous spirit. Right now she delivers ‘meals on wheels’ to those in need and is preparing to be a Guide Dog Puppy-raiser, among other things. As Paul Newman once said about inheritance, when he was nearing the end of his life:

“If people knew how good it felt to give, they would not wait until after they died.”

Thanks so much mom, your gift is allowing new life to flow into and through me. I am eternally grateful.

*Michael’s new website is: consciousretreat.wordpress.com

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