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Recently I had an Ayurvedic healing session with Shiloh Burrows. As a long times healing arts practitioner, I’ve experienced many styles of healing, with numerous practitioners over the last three decades.

Shiloh carries a unique vibration; I felt comfortable and at ease in her presence. She infused our session with an innate heart-fullness and connection to Source. Her 15-year background includes apprenticeships with indigenous healers in India and the Amazon region. Shiloh has also trained as an herbalist. She has a bachelor’s degree from Bastyr College. Shiloh, as she states on her website, “treats the human body as a sacred vessel of consciousness.”

Our session was over 2-hours long and combined an Abhyanga massage, which emphasizes the calming of the nervous system through nurturing massage strokes along with subtle energy work, using moderate to light pressure. Her touch was truly nurturing and when the second phase of the session began – the Shirodhara treatment- a warm oil head massage, I about melted through the massage table.  The entire session was timeless. Near the finish, as each new wave of warm oil was released onto my head, an inner smile lit up from the inside out and my eyes were encapsulated in still pools of water.

Shiloh uses all organic oils from Banyan Botanicals; sesame oil based with particular blends for specific areas allowing for “maximum digestion by the body.”

This month (April) she is offering half off all sessions; including: Thai Massage and a combination Hot Stone/Lomi-Lomi treatment.

For more information or to contact Shiloh, go to her website at: http://www.ancienttherapies.org

Blessings await!

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