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The 10-pass Ozone Session

The Austrian Ozone innovator, Doctor Lahodny, introduced the 10-pass, Major Auto-hemotherapy about a year ago in the United States. Since that time, the therapeutic effectiveness of these blood transfusion treatments has greatly improved (For years only 1-pass was done).

I finally had a full 10-pass transfusion on Tuesday. It took about 90 minutes and I was fortunate to have the ICU nurse Pamela, a veritable wealth of direct experience (she has had about 50 of these done on herself – not to mention the hundreds that she has supervised for patients).

During the first pass, Pamela said:

“Your blood looks good. I see a lot of blood; you must eat a good diet.”

Pamela’s nursing skills were technically brilliant, the way she managed the IV lines, adjusting heparin dosage (blood thinner is imperative to keep the blood from clotting the lines), and Pamela even added 10 grams of Vitamin C (a powerful healer and oxidizer itself). Because of the Vitamin C and the use of Nattokinase, a proteolytic enzyme, less Heparin is needed for blood- thinning. Pamela did have to change a clogging needle (my blood was not thin enough at one point—apparently we hit a thick sludge near the 6th pass which may have been related to my long-standing chronic illness or the lack of effective action of my Vitalzyme product -which may not have had enough Nattokinase. All through the transfusion, Pamela kept her heart in full bloom.

During the last few passes of bood I felt oxygen rush to my brain at a level not experienced in a decade. It was as if I was going back in time, to place of deep health, while still being able to retain the wisdom of who I am now. (About 7-8 ounces are pulled from the body, ozonated, and put back in during each pass).

The 10-pass treatment is, ideally, done 10 times, once per week. I have felt reborn physically the last few days.

My mother, Carolyn, was interested in the therapy and lived just 2 miles away, so she was able to sit and take in the whole experience. Pamela actually gave a nutritional- educational session to my mother at no extra charge.  Upon learning my mom used canola oil, Pamela said it was unhealthy, had GMO ingredients and puts the planet put under stress while damaging the lives of indigenous peoples during the processing and production. Another time I made a statement about ozone being grandfathered into Western Medicine and there was no way the Mainstream Western Machine could stop it (though they would love to outlaw it)–to this Pamela replied:

“Yes, but Mainstream puts pressure on the suppliers of oxygen and other ozone equipment” – making it harder and harder to obtain oxygen tanks and accessories.

My mom and I were quite astounded and impressed- not only with Pamela’s expertise but the results of the 10-pass ozone blood transfusion-which bore evidence through my revitalized being.

Once mom realized that these Ozone treatments were effective at eradicating the root factors involved in my long-standing chronic illness challenge, she decided to pay for the treatment series by amending her Will and giving, an “early inheritance”.  My mother has a generous spirit. Right now she delivers ‘meals on wheels’ to those in need and is preparing to be a Guide Dog Puppy-raiser, among other things. As Paul Newman once said about inheritance, when he was nearing the end of his life:

“If people knew how good it felt to give, they would not wait until after they died.”

Thanks so much mom, your gift is allowing new life to flow into and through me. I am eternally grateful.

*Michael’s new website is: consciousretreat.wordpress.com

Medical Ozone Treatment

With the grace of a cancellation, my car headed from Santa Cruz towards Santa Rosa last Thursday April 7th. My health status had been deteriorating in the weeks since the failed parasite drug therapy (discussed in an earlier blog entry) -which came about after a  7-month illness relapse had drastically affected my health.

A similar act of cosmic intervention occurred in late 2009, enabling me to see Andrew Landerman D.D.S., a pioneering mercury-free dentist who saved my life at the time by removing two very toxic root canals and cleaning my entire mouth of all remaining metals. In his opinion, this was the only way to get over chronic lyme disease, which his Voll machine and experience said I had. (For more about that, ask me, I will give you a copy of my memoir: From Illness to Stillness: Uncovering Your Innermost Being.)

I took the Highway 1 coastal route to Half Moon Bay for some lovely scenery while bypassing the Silicon Valley traffic. The nausea, headache and brain fog were making the journey, shall we say: even more interesting. I was on auto-pilot mode; luckily “I” am never really driving but just sitting stationary in the vehicle while Spirit drives the car and takes this body wherever It chooses.

In my case, this meant to the office of Robert Rowen M.D. Doctor Rowen, along with his wife, Doctor Su, have a holistic medical practice in Santa Rosa.

According to an interview with a medical colleague, another holistic-minded MD, Doctor Rowen said the following, about his transition in the 1970’s from Conventional Western Medicine to Holistic Medicine:

“… I came to see that what we were doing for our patients was the same type of chemical pollution that we were doing to the planet.”

Besides his pioneering work in Ozone Therapy, Doctor Rowen was politically active, successfully pushing for legislation to allow physicians to practice ‘unconventional’ (holistic) medicine without being harassed by the Medical Mafia (aka- Mainstream Western Medicine). In 2015, Doctor Rowen took ozone therapy to Africa, with tremendous faith and courage, to deal with the Ebola virus. Ozone was such a success that Doctor Rowen was asked to leave-for political reasons. More money can be made upholding the current euthanasia protocol operating worldwide- and flourishing in Africa. The death-dying and  funeral industry are more profitable then unpatentable, healing ozone.

I arrived at his office, finished filling out the requisite paperwork and handed the receptionist, a kind nurse by the name of Rachel, a few bits of additional information. Moments later she came to the nearby couch where I was sitting and took my basic vital signs in a relaxed and casual way.

Then Rachel ushered me into a chair in the treatment/exam room. Dr. Rowen, back to me,  was finishing up a phone called. A minute later, he turned to introduce himself as he breezed by me, adding:

“I will be with you in one minute.”

When he came back in, Doctor Rowen, gave me a warm handshake and began to read my elaborate ‘History of Present Illness’, a consolidated 3-page paper. After a few minutes of silence he glanced up and said, smiling:

“I’m reading.”

“Sure, no problem.” He then said, shocked. “You were bit by a Tiger, then got shingles?”(Shingles is from the latent chicken pox virus).”

‘Yep, I went to a monastery in Thailand where they save tigers from poachers. I had an up close and personal. It was a light, playful bite but broke the skin. According to research I did later, animal bites (along with prior steroid usage) are often precursors to a shingles outbreak.”

“Really.” He said, seeming to be impressed with my level of research. “You were also exposed to sodium fluoroacetate.” Now surprised, he paused. “In New Zealand! I go there myself and always felt it was safe.” He shook his head as I answered.

“Well, I went hiking at a place that had recently sprayed this chemical, called 1080 to eradicate non-indigenous possoms. They even had a sign up. I did not realize what I was walking into.” (I discuss this more in my book).

Doctor Rowen shook his head again, put the folder down, rose from his chair. I felt us meet as friends on the path. It was no longer Doctor and patient. He understood that the journey I had been on, though about emotional maturation and spiritual depth, also had a real and significant physical toxicity involved. This was the first time a doctor had actually ‘believed’ I was not just some hypochondriac looking for attention.

“Okay, stand up. Let’s test your extraction sites. You have no implants?”


“Put your finger on the upper right empty socket.” I did that. He muscled tested. No reactivity, which would be a sign of infection or toxicity.  We moved through all the empty socket sites. I have 7 missing molars (4 wisdom teeth and 3 extracted root canals). Puzzled, he said. “Okay, lie down on the table.”

Next Doctor Rowen told me that he usually uses Western drugs for parasites. He tested every single drug he thought had a shot. They all showed unresponsive when tested. Next he put up a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, which I did not see beforehand. (He later told me this product was his test for the efficacy of ozone therapy). My body said it loved ozone and required it for healing.

He continued muscle testing on acupuncture-based, neuro-lymphatic ‘reflex points’ combined with applied kinesiology to isolate the mains areas of concern. Doctor Rowen went through all the organs. Everything was testing well until suddenly he had a huge reaction at the Large Intestine reflex point. He doubled check it. Then went to a secondary check point, a test related to the strength of my Tensor Fasciae Latae muscle. It was showing very weak.

“That should not be like that, especially for a hiker. Your problem is in the Large Intestine. With your parasite background, it makes sense. “Have you ever been exposed to other chemicals or molds?”

Well, my parent’s house was an old asbestos home, predating the mid 70’s anti-asbestos code and it had a major flooding occur. I discovered this a few years back. I paused. “I went inside without a mask.”

“And you were exposed to sodiumfluoroacetate.”He hesitated, looking at me deeply.

“Okay, you may have lyme too but your biggest issue is these parasites in the colon and the chemicals. We have a woman here who is training our staff in colonic ozone. I have been trying to get this  for years. Finally, Dr. Leavitt has sent Venicia to us. Let me go get her and see if we can fit you in now. How are you set for money?”

“Well, I don’t have much but it doesn’t matter; grace got me here and I need to get well. I feel like shit and never thought I would be able to get a treatment on the same day.”

Venicia came in and they discussed the possibility of getting me in as her last patient of the day (she had a shuttle coming to pick her up in 2 hours).

I was lead to a  back room. I had experienced a colonic a couple times in the 90’s but it has been about 20 years since my last one. I will spare the details here but suffice to say that two hoses running up one’s backside with nozzles that are not small sit right on top of one another. One tube released warm water, the other ozone gas– and this lasts for 1 hour. It was mind- blowing intense! This style of ozone uses O12 instead of O3, that means there are 9 free floating oxygen molecules looking for toxins, instead of one. This style of ozone administration (and there are many ways: injections, vaginally, blood transfusions, etc)  is 30-40 times stronger than using simple ozone infused water, according to Frank Shallenberger M.D., a leading ozone educator for doctors. This style of ozone administration is based on a strict protocol originated in Germany.

Ozone used rectally acts much like a coffee enema in the Gerson therapy, entering the systemic circulation through the bowel wall. Ozone oxidizes (destroys) toxic substances in its path. This is the new preferred method for ozone treatment in many chronic diseases. Recent research in Germany, for instance, has shown that Ozone (in conjunction with other natural therapies) has proven 50 % effective in treating all cancers, as compared to Western Medicine Gauntlet of: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy- which records only an absurd 5% efficacy.

The next morning I woke early after sleeping for 6 hours, 9 pm to 3 am and went to meditate. Tears of gratitude were flowing from my eyes. I could feel that a long-standing toxic load had been removed. ‘This is the holy grail.’ I said to myself.  I had discovered ozone many years ago and somehow it had finally arrived at my door. I wondered: ‘How could oxygen do that much?! Then it dawned, oxygen is intimately tied to the life force that breathes us into existence. According to the great sage of India, Nisargadatta Maharaj:

“The most important thing is the Vital Breath. Identify yourself with That; That is the Supreme Self. That is your true nature.”

Later in the day I went in for Major Auto-hemotherapy–which I discussed in my previous ozone blog. The nurse, Pamela, has had Lyme since she was a young girl. A former ICU nurse, she works with many of those who come and are, as she said: “Given up on by Mainstream Western Medicine.” Pamela has this transfusion of one’s own blood (put through the ozone generator) done every week. I told her she was an ozone junkie. After 1-pass session I realized why Pamela has the ozone transfusion done weekly. The holy grail meets the fountain of youth!

Recently Doctor Rowen’s office has been using a new protocol from an Austrian Doctor named Lahodny, where the transfusion of blood is done 10 times in one sitting (I had only one-pass to start for financial reasons. This therapy is expensive as with all medical treatments but the best money you will ever spend. According to Doctor Lahodny, from an article I read, he stated and I paraphrase:

“Most diseases can be cured with a 10-pass Major-Auto-Hemotherapy done once a week for ten weeks.” The cost is 1265 dollars per pass. The total treatment would be 12650 dollars, if I could afford it but more now….I will do what I can. I could only imagine what kind of results Professor Jovanovic was getting with his even more potent RHP ozone healing sessions.

I left Doctor Rowen’s office, telling the receptionist/nurses:

‘Y’all are on the cutting edge of awesome!” They laughed as walked out the door.

In the days that followed, I have had detox reactions (Called Herx), was exposed to two sick friends, yet despite some glitches in health, the underlying energy is strong and treatment is continuing. I may well get my own ozone generator and be able to do treatments at home for maintenance and prevention. The home machine will not be able to do blood transfusions but deliver ozone rectally into the systemic circulation. The nurse, Pamela, uses this method every day.

And recently I was contacted by Professor Jovanovic; he was following up on some patients he had been in contact with but did not travel to Maylasia to receive RHP therapy from him. He was happy I had now found ozone. We have since emailed back and forth several times and I feel even more gratitude for the cutting-edge medical healers who are among us. Also, I found out that Professor Jovanovic may soon be offering RHP in Vancouver, Canada where his holistic healing practice has relocated!

*Michael’s new website is: consciousretreat.wordpress.com


Ayurvedic Massage…

Recently I had an Ayurvedic healing session with Shiloh Burrows. As a long times healing arts practitioner, I’ve experienced many styles of healing, with numerous practitioners over the last three decades.

Shiloh carries a unique vibration; I felt comfortable and at ease in her presence. She infused our session with an innate heart-fullness and connection to Source. Her 15-year background includes apprenticeships with indigenous healers in India and the Amazon region. Shiloh has also trained as an herbalist. She has a bachelor’s degree from Bastyr College. Shiloh, as she states on her website, “treats the human body as a sacred vessel of consciousness.”

Our session was over 2-hours long and combined an Abhyanga massage, which emphasizes the calming of the nervous system through nurturing massage strokes along with subtle energy work, using moderate to light pressure. Her touch was truly nurturing and when the second phase of the session began – the Shirodhara treatment- a warm oil head massage, I about melted through the massage table.  The entire session was timeless. Near the finish, as each new wave of warm oil was released onto my head, an inner smile lit up from the inside out and my eyes were encapsulated in still pools of water.

Shiloh uses all organic oils from Banyan Botanicals; sesame oil based with particular blends for specific areas allowing for “maximum digestion by the body.”

This month (April) she is offering half off all sessions; including: Thai Massage and a combination Hot Stone/Lomi-Lomi treatment.

For more information or to contact Shiloh, go to her website at: http://www.ancienttherapies.org

Blessings await!

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