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The Real Cause…

In the healing arts the question related to ‘success or failure’ of particular remedies, treatments or therapies often manifests. Yet, how does one distinguish? Is looking for an answer to this question even necessary? We think it matters. Because we feel that an actual cause can be found and a cure, had. We want to believe that, in fact, we can control outcomes.

This movement to validate success or failure of healing treatments can manifest in many ways: A recent example, relates to my recently completed parasite eradication program.

It is hard to say at this point whether the drug Paromomycin was successful in killing parasites. It may have done so but at a cost. In a certain way, there was a felt sense of destruction of some damaging toxins but the ravages and side effects of the drug protocol have left me feeling worse. And at this point: deep fatigue, worse on exertion, nausea which worsens after bowel movements, bloating, eye issues, insomnia some nights with neurological inner shaking in the night and liver inflammation and other symptoms have not abated.

I was and still am using a new Hulda Clark inspired Zapper, an AutoZap-5 -beginning a few days before the 10-day drug course was finished.  Both are reputed to kill parasites. What about all the chanting, praying and meditating–could the years of spiritual practice finally being paying off in the form of enhanced physical vitality  or maybe the ultra-pure sattvic diet, or the day I spent listening to and imbibing the negative ionic storm force of ocean waves.

For now, I will just enjoy  the next breath, with the sense that Buddha and Christ both breathed the same air at one point. These ancient oxygen pockets were were left in the cosmos especially for me.

We complicate life, which is so utterly simple, when we attempt attribution. For that word speaks of something beyond attribution. The word attribution is often used in writing and defined, in one way, as: ‘the act of establishing a particular person as the creator of a work of art.’ 

No person can create a work of art. The One dancing as all things is the Creator.Besides tomorrow I may feel like running through the forest while the next day the body may not be able to get out of bed! .

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