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Medical Ozone Rediscovered

Yesterday I took a long drive to Sebastopol, to visit my new dentist Dr. Silvano Senn. In the last decade or so, I have realized that finding a good dentist is just as important as finding a good doctor. So, it does not matter how far I have to travel. Dr. Senn used ozone before re-cementing the crown.

My latest foray into a Western drug therapy was ineffective. I followed that treatment with daily use of a frequency zapper, which also did not improve health and physical vitality. After these most recent attempts at revitalization, I decided to stop actively looking for treatment options, healing modalities or ‘fix it’ therapies for my ongoing ‘health renewal’. Then a crown came off one of my back molars on the lower left- number 18 they call it in dentistry. In holistic dentistry the tooth number relates to more than a practical location for communication between assistant and dentist. The tooth number corresponds to an internal energy and biological linkage to other areas in the body.

Tooth eighteen, when I later looked at my correspondence chart, is closely related to:

Lower & upper extremities of the musculature, shoulder, elbow. sacroiliac and inner knee joints, as well as the lower cervical and upper thoracic spine and L-4-5 lumbar regions. In Chinese medicine this tooth is linked to the lungs and large intestine.

I appreciated Dr. Senn’s holistic approach. Immediately upon hearing the basic facts related to a chronic malady I have been dealing with, he gave me a card of his medical colleague, a Santa Rosa MD named Dr. Robert Rowen. (Some months ago, a friend had mentioned his name—so the energy was moving that way on its own). Dr. Rowen is becoming well known, with patients coming from all over the world to see him. This is primarily due to the incredible healing testimonials and health renewals people are having from his Ozone treatments. Many of these patients had long, sordid chronic health situations restored- even after years and dozens of other treatment modes and methods had failed. Dr. Rowen’s Lahodny Protocol form of Major Auto-hemotherapy is one of his most potent holistic aids available in the United States. There is an even more potent form of ozone which will soon be available in Vancouver, Canada—which I discuss below.

With our bodies already undergoing a drastic reduction of environmental ambient oxygen in our breathing environment on earth, one can see the benefit of re-oxygenating our system. According to Professor Erving Laszlo, a Hungarian Philosopher of Integral-System Science:

“Evidence from prehistoric times indicates that the oxygen content of pristine nature was above the 21% of total volume that it is today. It has decreased in recent times due mainly to the burning of coal in the middle of the last century (deforestation and loss of Sea phytoplankton). Currently the oxygen content of the Earth’s atmosphere dips to 19% over impacted areas, and it is down to 12 to 17% over the major cities. At these levels it is difficult for people to get sufficient oxygen to maintain bodily health: it takes a proper intake of oxygen to keep body cells and organs, and the entire immune system, functioning at full efficiency. At the levels we have reached today cancers and other degenerative diseases are likely to develop. And at 6 to 7% life can no longer be sustained.”

Medical Ozone has a history which can be traced back over 100 years and is linked to the diverse and amazing genius of Nicola Tesla who received the first U.S. patent on an ozone generator in 1896

 Six years ago, during the height of my chronic illness, I had an email correspondence with Dr. Peter Jovanovic- known as Professor Ozone. He ran his Ozone Hospital from Maylasia-not because he was a charlatan selling the latest snake oil but simply because the Ozone Therapy he was using, called: RHP (Recirculatory Haemo-Perfusion) was illegal in the United States. It works so well it would make many of Western Medicine’s primary treatments obsolete.

RHP, as Doctor Peter states on one of his numerous websites, “is a technique of treating the entire blood stream with Ozone. With this technique, the patient’s blood is first drawn from a large caliber vein through the use of a medical pump. This blood then goes through a micro-filter which filters the unwanted substances in the blood. At this point the blood is bathed in ozone and then this ozonated blood is re-perfused into the body. This process continues for up to one and a half hours. During this time, the entire volume of blood in the body is filtered, purified and enriched with ozone before being returned to the body.”

RHP is the most powerful ozone therapy in the world. Professor Jovanovic further states:

“This method of ozonation takes one to one and a half hours to complete, in that time we ozonate or rather activate a minimum of 35 cc’s of blood a minute and a maximum of 75 cc’s a minute. Now if one considers this and calculates the total amount of blood activated it would be equal to doing one minor autohemotherapy every minute or one direct injection every minute or one major autohemotherapy every three minutes and so on. Quite a remarkable concept considering that it is not possible to do these other therapies more than once every couple of hours, days or what have you. If we total this all up and use an hour as our base, it would come to the equivalent of 60 minor autohemotherapies or 60 direct injections or 20 major auto hemotherapies in one session.”

The Ozone Hospital treatments were far too expensive at the time; I did not have the extra 30-50,000 dollars needed to travel to and live in Maylasia for a month or two.

Fast forward 6 years. Now Major Auto Hemotherapy, a powerful though less potent form of ozone than RHP, is being used in the United States and tracking under the radar at this point. Europe, especially Austria, is well ahead of America once again and has been using it for quite some time. This modified form of advanced auto-hemotherapy is getting fantastic results.

According to Doctor Kaslow, a holistically-centered MD, when pure oxygen via Major Auto-hemotherapy (a similar but much less potent form of RHP) is introduced into the body, 99 percent of the pathogenic organisms which thrive in an anaerobic environment (oxygen starved), are killed. He further adds:

“Bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites, biofilms, chemicals, pesticides and other inflammatory agents are positively charged (+). Ozone is negatively charged (-) and attracts and nullifies these toxins through oxidation processes.”

Essentially, Ozone (oxygen) benefits the healthy cells and destroys the disease-causing agents (pathogens). Think chemotherapy without killing the healthy cells and instead nurturing and bathing all cells in rich oxygen. Right away, one can see that Ozone Therapy is not useful to mainstream Western Medicine because no money can be made on patents. Complicating side-effects of Western Medicine’s barbaric and medieval toxic drugs, chemicals and poisons are vanquished as well.

The cost will be about 15,000.00 for my treatments with Doctor Rowen, for now. And though, I have not been working much and spent all savings, 40,000 dollars, as well as additional thousands used  over the last 8 years while attempting to restore optimal health, some how the money will come. A consult is 500.00 with Doctor Rowen. The ozone treatment series called hyperbaric ozone (HBO3) uses a new technique called OHT.

This new style of Major AutoHemotherapy (MAH), being used at Doctor Rowen’s office, allows more ozone/oxygen into the blood with the higher pressure method.  200 cc of blood are put into a glass bottle,  and then 200 cc of ozone (about 8 oz) are pumped into the bottle under pressure,  then the ozonated blood is returned back to the patient (this constitutes “one pass”).  This procedure is repeated for a total of 10 “passes” (which was original set up by Dr. Lahodny of Austria and known as Ozone High Dose Therapy (OHT).   This treatment can be done in one to two hours, depending on the patient’s vein size.

We shall see how it goes, as with all things. Bodily health, though only a possession, is highly prized and I never take it for granted.

*Michael’s new website is: consciousretreat.wordpress.com

Mark Davis…

I found out yesterday that my friend Mark Davis died in a rock climbing accident while repelling down the Rambo Wall near Moab, Utah. It appears that there was a gear malfunction. When I read the email advising our family of this it felt like a punch to the gut and yet by morning I realized that the spirit of Mark was gracing me in the Will Center-with his forceful pillar of strength.

I first met Mark Davis in February of 1994 while on a ski trip in Breckenridge, Colorado with my cousin Cass and Uncle John. Mark was a friend and co-worker of Cass. They both worked together at the resort as cameramen and film editors for a company affiliated with the Breckenridge Ski Resort. He was instantly more than a friend; Mark was part of the family.

I saw Mark only about once every three years over the last two- plus decades but each encounter was infused with a certain depth of connection. We loved each other. Mark mirrored a quiet, reflective soul quality. He was a man with a great depth of soul understanding. He lived his life as his spirituality; this quality made him unique among all human beings that I have known. There was no pretense in the man, no religious affiliation, no spiritual talk using metaphysical language or sanskrit terms, no talk of Jesus or Buddha and yet authentic spirituality, true soul force emanated from him as effortlessly as a horse grazing in a green pasture.

Mark’s quiet, often unassuming nature was balanced with a incredible determination and stamina. I will never forget the adventures we shared together–like the classic Santa Cruz Triathlon (my first and last) which I later named ‘The ‘Drownathlon’-for Mark it was all effortless play.

One adventure, and a few moments in particular, are forever etched in my heart.

It was the year 2000-Mark, Cass and I were climbing the East Buttress route of Mount Whitney. Mark knew he was taking neophyte climbers up a new route at high elevation. He made sure to fix double protection for us, rechecking the rigging and gear of my cousin and I. On one particular pitch,  Mark was having difficulty finding the route. This is often the case as books and research can only get you so far; no matter how many maps,pictures or previous climbers you have spoken with. Now, off route, above 13,000 feet with fledglings to watch over, Mark effortlessly led the most difficult section of the climb. After securing protection on top of protection, he called out:

“Okay Hman, your turn.” I breathed a few deep breaths. “On Belay.” Mark yelled with emphatic authority.

We had been climbing for over 8 hours with only a few minutes break here and there. I knew this new section was not our regular 5.6 pitch and stood, intimidated and near spent. A 5.9 crack climb loomed straight in front (I later learned). I began to inch my way up, jamming my fists into the crack and leaning back, standing up and putting one foot nearly on top of the other, slowly but surely creeping upward. Then I fell. Mark caught me. I fell again; Mark’s rope held again. Then one more time I slipped. Each time Mark had the rope, arrested my fall. My cousin Cass was quiet, later telling me that he was intimidated and focusing on his climbing strategy, as he was next to climb.

Doubt crept in. Would I be able to do this? I was at the edge of my rock climbing capability sandwiched between the final glimmers of physical strength. I began to visualize, remembering the only time I had ever seen someone crack climb, from the movie K2.  Mark, Cass and I often made jokes, using lines from that movie as we climbed. One line seemed apropos now, as I “was really sucking the O’s!”

Mark stayed quiet, letting me find my own way. After the 3rd fall though, I yelled up:

“I don’t think I can do it man! Is there some other way up?!”

Mark spoke from a depth that I had never heard before; the force and power I will never forget.

“Hman you have to do it; there is no other way! We cannot down climb.” He did not speak these words as demands, commands or orders; it was all three and yet there was no sense of belittling, judgment or coercion in his voice. There simply was no other choice and suddenly trust replaced doubt.

I started up again, my heart was racing above anaerobic threshold, past the point where oxygen could be used as an effective fuel source. For the last 30 seconds of the climb, my lungs, heart and oxygen imbibing systems were no longer working but Mark was in view and the look on his face, the energy that he embodied willed me up that last few meters. I sat next to him, unable to talk. We looked into each others eyes. He said gently:

“Good job.” Then he looked down at Cass below; all of Mark’s energies now focused on Cass’s security and well-being.

The last time I saw Mark was the day of my father’s celebration of life- a year and a half ago. He had come to show his love and respect. Our family asked him to film the Service. I had written a tribute to my father but it was so deep and intimate that I could not see reading it at the Service in a coherent fashion, without endless tears. I asked Mark if we could videotape me reading it the day before. We did that.

At the service, an hour before it was to begin, Mark realized that the audio was, as he said: “Hot.” This meant it was unusable.

Once again, I was on the rock ledge with Mark. He spoke in that same powerful way, with the trademark calm.

“Sorry Hman, I did everything I could.” He said apologetically.  I took a deep breath. “I feel this was meant to be. I really do. Just get up there and speak from your heart. It doesn’t matter what you say. It matters where you say it from.” He looked at me with compassion and love. Instant strength entered.

A few weeks ago, we exchanged our last email. I had sent him a message that said simply:

“I am so grateful for your friendship. You are a good soul.”

His last words to me, in response via email, were:

“You are the good soul.”

Of course he was talking about himself.



We take it for granted: SLEEP. Until one day when insomnia strikes. For many, like my dear friend Jack, sleep deprivation and insomnia have become part of their life. Decades pass by and one rarely gets a potent nightly soul respite. Deep, undisturbed rest in Source is what allows us to move through life with sanity and ease.

I am amazed at the lucidity and clarity that Jack can still muster while dealing with an incapacitating sleep deprivation these last 16 years.

Jack told me a story, frustration pouring forth:

“When I was in the war (World War 2), me and my partner would be hunkered down in a foxhole bunker with the enemy all around. Each of us would sleep for a few hours then gently shake the other awake. I never had a hard time sleeping, even in that environment.” He signed heavily. “And look at me now.”

At age 77, shortly after his wife passed away, insomnia began to become a chronic issue for Jack. In the years since, Jack has tried a CPAP device for Sleep Apnea. These ‘Continuous Positive Airway Pressure’ devices have been helpful for many but Jack was also dealing with coughing attacks related to acid reflux which would wake him up as well. And then, on some nights, his own snoring would wake him up. He would hear himself snoring and think (while sleeping) “someone is snoring” and then realize it was himself and suddenly awaken fully.

Jack, like many others has tried numerous over the counter sleeping pills, melatonin and prescription medicines like Ambien with some success. Tired of the pill game, which has side effects all its own, Jack is now trying “Delta-Theta brainwave” sleep music –playing it all night.

These statistics, from one of the latest insomnia studies, speak volumes:

  • People today sleep 20% less than they did 100 years ago.
  • More than 30% of the population suffers from insomnia.
  • One in three people suffer from some form of insomnia during their lifetime.
  • More than half of Americans lose sleep due to stress and/or anxiety.
  • Between 40% and 60% of people over the age of 60 suffer from insomnia.
  • Approximately 10 million people in the U.S. use prescription sleep aids.

This morning on my way over to see Jack, I stopped by the post office. Stationed out front under an eave was my homeless, adopted soul buddy, Dennis. His camping gear was covered tightly by a large black trash bag. I have been dropping a few bucks to Dennis from time to time for a couple of years. In the last months, we have begun to get closer-sharing more than the 30 second “hello, thanks, and God-bless.”

The last time I saw him, a week ago, Dennis told me about his new tent with much delight. The upcoming rains would not cause no major disruption for him. We celebrated this together. He had a nice spot ‘in the wilderness’ to put his tent and life was good. Today when I saw him, he still had the same bright eyes, exuding the inner happiness that he carries with him as a life-preserver that no one can take away yet I sensed something else. Homelessness does not get him down and yet that does not mean being homeless is not challenging.

Dennis related a story about the night before last. He had told another homeless man about his spot and said that he could use a nearby place to put up a tent. At 2 am, now soaking wet and rain still downpouring, the man was complaining about the spot being a bad one. He began yelling and screaming for Dennis to come out and help him. He stood at the front of Dennis’s tent with a sword, blaming Dennis for everything. He was also high on crystal meth.

Dennis decided the best course was to take his stuff and give the man his tent rather than risk his life. As he told me:

“I can always get another tent.”  After telling the story, Dennis, through tired eyes filled with gratitude said:

“I have to tell you I don’t sleep too well. You always have to be alert living this life.”

I remembered I had an old camping tent in my trunk, I told Dennis.


“Let me go see if it is there.” Handing him the tent a couple minutes later, I  noted:

“It is not as good as your old one but I think it will keep you dry.” I said.

“Thanks so much Michael.” He gave me a huge hug. “I will make you a flute and you can give it to a dear friend of yours.”

Just then a little his, hispanic girl about aged seven,  holding tightly to her mom’s hands, leaned into our energy field with great courage. She handed Dennis a 5 dollar bill. Dennis just looked at her with pure love and said:

“Aren’t you an angel!” The little girl and her mom lit up, eyes filled with joy as they scurried away. Dennis’s presence and  their 5 dollar gift were exchanged in a grace-filled encounter.

Half an hour later, as I sat across from Jack. He said:

“Michael, I have to tell you: 15 years of sleep problems. It has been getting worse. I did not sleep at all last night….”  I took Jack to the doctors to see if he could get a prescription sleep medication.

We got one.

I wish you great rest Jack and Dennis.

(A few days later I was driving with a caregiving client and saw a man who looked like Dennis. Suddenly the man went into some redwood trees near the side of the road. I saw my old maroon tent, passed down to at least half dozen people over the last 20 years. I walked over to the tent. It was Dennis and his ‘wilderness’ spot was right on the edge of town in a stealth little area. “Is it keeping you dry?” I asked. It indeed is, he opened the zipper to show his set up inside. We embraced and I dashed back to my car through the pouring rain.)

The Real Cause…

In the healing arts the question related to ‘success or failure’ of particular remedies, treatments or therapies often manifests. Yet, how does one distinguish? Is looking for an answer to this question even necessary? We think it matters. Because we feel that an actual cause can be found and a cure, had. We want to believe that, in fact, we can control outcomes.

This movement to validate success or failure of healing treatments can manifest in many ways: A recent example, relates to my recently completed parasite eradication program.

It is hard to say at this point whether the drug Paromomycin was successful in killing parasites. It may have done so but at a cost. In a certain way, there was a felt sense of destruction of some damaging toxins but the ravages and side effects of the drug protocol have left me feeling worse. And at this point: deep fatigue, worse on exertion, nausea which worsens after bowel movements, bloating, eye issues, insomnia some nights with neurological inner shaking in the night and liver inflammation and other symptoms have not abated.

I was and still am using a new Hulda Clark inspired Zapper, an AutoZap-5 -beginning a few days before the 10-day drug course was finished.  Both are reputed to kill parasites. What about all the chanting, praying and meditating–could the years of spiritual practice finally being paying off in the form of enhanced physical vitality  or maybe the ultra-pure sattvic diet, or the day I spent listening to and imbibing the negative ionic storm force of ocean waves.

For now, I will just enjoy  the next breath, with the sense that Buddha and Christ both breathed the same air at one point. These ancient oxygen pockets were were left in the cosmos especially for me.

We complicate life, which is so utterly simple, when we attempt attribution. For that word speaks of something beyond attribution. The word attribution is often used in writing and defined, in one way, as: ‘the act of establishing a particular person as the creator of a work of art.’ 

No person can create a work of art. The One dancing as all things is the Creator.Besides tomorrow I may feel like running through the forest while the next day the body may not be able to get out of bed! .

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