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These two parasites: Blastocystis Hominis and (Endolimax Nana- for which very little information is available at all), I mentioned in part 1 of this blog. These two nasties have evaded every eradication treatment I have tried over the last 20 years.

B. hominis is single-celled protozoan intestinal parasite that is a member of the Blastocystis genus of Stramenopiles, which includes water molds, algae and diatoms.”

“E. nana is an amoeboid organism found in the intestines of humans and other animals.”

There is a high rate of co-infection with these two organisms as they are both passed via fecal-contaminated water–which India well provides.

I have used many exotic remedies in an attempt to make a ‘cure’ or at least reduce the detrimental effects of these parasites. Treatments tried, include:: grapefruit seed extract, Lugols iodine in very high dose, Arise and Shine Intestinal Cleanses, very caustic anti-parasite herbals, coffee enemas, a 28 day juice fast, super strict diets for months on end, and super strength oil of oregano which was showing the best results for amoebic type parasites (much better than any drug therapies at the time), according to Great Smokey Labs in 2001 (now Genova)- one of the most reputable labs. The other lab, Bio-Center Labs in Kansas is where my follow up samples were sent in early 2016. The results were the same two parasites–15 years later!

Drug therapies for chronic illness (not for acute, life -saving situations–for which they can be amazing) have been my scorn, showing little success with these particular microscopic parasites. Besides I always felt that mercury and other metals from amalgam fillings, infected root canals and Lyme disease were the main culprits contributing to my derailed health.

The Western drug option turned into a viable alternative after recent blood work showed high on, a little used and understood blood marker called, eosinophils (a form of white blood cell). My research in blood chemistry profile showed this as potential link to parasites. I brought this fact to the attention of my doctor and she agreed.

Then I found a website called, Badbugs, out of Australia. This site deals with two parasites, one of them: Blastocystis Hominis. The signs and symptoms listed for blastocystis infection matched my symptoms- especially the most unusual and important one: “intolerable irritation in my colon from the inside out, like a maddening burning itch.” Other symptoms included: rectal itching, mushy stools, nausea, belching and chronic fatigue to the point of exhaustion.   This brought a high likelihood to a possible differential diagnosis (or at least marker)- all pointed to-parasites.

My overall health has been cyclic, often times I am able to navigate about pretty well physically. Yet the sporadic and regular bouts of fatigue and disabling symptoms have continued-mostly in the last 7 years. Things went suddenly downhill even more precipitously in August 2015. I was stretching on my yoga mat using a roller prop as an acupressure device. Suddenly a shooting pain came from the left kidney area and rib cage. A cascade of physically debilitating symptoms followed in the next few weeks.

In 2009 when my symptoms went into full blown illness, I was not convinced of a parasite diagnosis because I was having no diarrhea or ‘dysentery-like’ symptoms–what I thought were hallmark signs of parasites. Yet, parasites do not cause just dysentery symptoms. Interestingly and ironically this belief I had stems from Western Medicines refusal to attribute many of the most common labeled dis-eases to parasites, like: IBS, Acid reflux, constipation, crohn’s disease, colitis and the list goes on and on.

This is what the Mayo clinic says about Blastocystis Hominis:

“A Blastocystis Hominis infection usually clears up on its own. There are no proven treatments for these infections. But, if your symptoms don’t get better, your doctor may recommend trying certain medications.”

Based on years of research, I found that the “most popular drug used, Flagyl, actually makes things worse.” -Centre for Digestive Diseases, Australia).  The reason for this: Flagyl is absorbed in the small intestine and does not reach the large intestine, which is where Blastocystis resides. Also subtypes of Blastocystis have not been identified by geographical area; each may respond as unique organisms. A treatment found beneficial for one subtype of Blasto may not work for on another species type.

Things have changed in recent years. Today, as many as 1 Billion people worldwide have been infected by one of the 7 main Blastocystis Hominis subtypes, and millions have serious and severely debilitating symptoms directly related to one or more of the sub-species.

In Australia a 3 drug combo is showing good results and recently a new drug, Paromomycin, the one I am using, has been getting a fairly high eradication success rate.  According to Western Medicine Blastocystis and Endolimax are considered benign parasites, that is: “not-disease causing.”

In my recently published book, entitled: From Illness to Stillness: Uncovering Your Innermost Being, I skirt over the idea of parasites being my primary physical issue-even .after a world famous medical intuitive ‘diagnosed’ me with what he called: ‘a parasitic blood disorder’. It seems he my well have been– right on target!

Currently I am at the end of Day 4 of 10, on the anti-parasite/antibiotic drug Paramomycin-recommended by my MD as ‘curative’ -after a second parasitology stool sample. I found research to back her claim, and I paraphrase:

“…patients with positive stool tests for blastocystis were given 3 drugs and the evaluation is as follows: 38 percent effective for metronidazole and clioquinol and 77 percent effective for Paromomycin. Paromomycin exhibited superior performance…”

Paramomycin is an antibiotic, luminal agent, used to treat intestinal infections of the amoebic kind.

Phase one of my plan calls for a whole foods diet, very pure and strict, along with digestive enzymes, proteolytic enzymes, multivitamin and mineral supplement, Pau de Arco tea (anti-parasitic and anti fungal), Himalayan black sulphur salt (parasites do not like salt)– followed by the use of the highest rated Hulda Clark Zapper, the AutoZap 5 (just ordered this–by the way Hulda is the author of the famous book: Cure for All Cancers–she believes that parasites are involved in all cancers –being that they are pleomorphic organisms like cancer). Her frequency device to is purported to kill parasites,. After using the zap for a couple of week, I will check  in with my level of well being-vitality, endurance, do a recheck of blood –looking at the  eosinophil count and then 2 months later, a stool parasitology.

All the while, I will be continuing surrendering to the Holy Spirit or at least, the Holy Cow–for She is revered in India.


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