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I traveled to India nearly 20 years ago. The plane landed at the airport in Bombay,  India (now known as Mumbai). Never in my wildest imagination could I fathom the challenges and rewards that would begin in this country of Boundless Spirit.

I met the avatar Sai Baba, practiced hatha yoga at a well known ashram in Rishikesh, had amazing heart-full encounters with children in poverty, and made a true lasting friendship deserving of a blog all its own. I also spent time at the abode of a Realized sage, Ramana Maharshi and…picked up at least two life-changing and health-altering parasites species.

It seems most likely, that the life-threatening parasite species I was infected with, were wiped out by an Ayurvedic herb complex and Western drug combination that I had used right before leaving India. This unknown, nasty parasite had caused severe, bloody dysentery (severe diarrhea), high fever and other  acute symptoms throughout a 4 week period.  However there were two other species which dug into my blood and intestinal walls at that time; they were innocent freeloaders about to turn into chronic, parasitic-thieves. Or did these two parasites, Blastocystis Hominis and Endolimax Nana, actually cause not only my original acute dysentery but also be responsible for many chronic illness symptoms?

These two parasites have manifested with various concentration levels, known as parasite load, in my body and blood over the years, mixing with and co-creating a cyclic, debilitating illness process.

The parasite invasion started in May 1996, as snippets from my unpublished journal, Diary of a Pilgram, state:

May 8th Wed 6am: “After nine hours sleep, I am refreshed and ready to go see Sai Baba (at his Ashram where I am staying near Bangalore, India)…”

May 8th 9am: “I arrived just in time to get a dorm room and sit in line awaiting darshan (Blessing) with Sai Baba. Everyone says, “Sai Ram” (Sai means “truth”, Ram was an incarnation of God some 10,000 years ago—so I would say it translates to “truth in God” or” I acknowledge the truth we all share.”…”

May 8th 7pm: “I now have 7 roommates (at the ashram). A most intense, large spider, like something from “Star Trek, The Wrath of Khan,” just started crawling up my leg. He quickly found a new home on the ground. I don’t want to end up like Chekhov; you remember, with blood coming out of his ear…”

“The bombs! I thought of the rocks thrown by disapproving villagers, crashing loudly yesterday afternoon on the top of our open-air theatre at the ashram. The top is covered with a hard plastic, much like you would cover a patio deck in a backyard, but it covered an area the size of a football field, almost. Instead, I caught the outlined shadow of a monkey on top. They were dropping coconuts and jumping down on top of the plastic to retrieve them. The monkeys must be heard, too…”

May 10th: “Today’s highlights; ‘witnessed a miracle at darshan, went for a walk in the jungle outside the ashram, advised to watch out for biting monkeys and snakes…”

Saturday, am, May 11: “Not a good sleep, a snoring man created sounds beyond my previous belief system. He was some forty yards away down the hall. Apparently, his fellow brothers kicked him out of his room…”

May 13th: “Well I almost died..severe dysentery struck…I was incoherent and hallucinating. Praying to Baba for help as a gargantuan headache completely debilitated me and the fever was the highest one I can ever remember having. The pain was barely manageable. My roommates  wanted to find a doctor. I said.”

“No, I will deal with it my way.” I had severe diarrhea yet I could not move. Sitting up took up too much strength; lying down made my head pound worse… I bundled up in all my clothes and got in my sleeping bag, the shivering was out of control. It was ninety degrees outside and I was cold. I prayed that I would sweat it out. I awoke at 4 pm after 6 hours drenched in sweat. I am convinced that I was close to death. I guess Baba wanted me to stay…”

Part Two of this blog coming soon: Parasite Eradication Program

Comments on: "Parasite Eradication Program (Part 1)" (2)

  1. Hi how is your self treatment for Blasto working, ?????
    I could use your help here.
    Phase one of my plan calls for a whole foods diet, very pure and strict, along with digestive enzymes, proteolytic enzymes, multivitamin and mineral supplement, Pau de Arco tea (anti-parasitic and anti fungal), Himalayan black sulphur salt (parasites do not like salt)– followed by the use of the highest rated Hulda Clark Zapper, the AutoZap 5 (just ordered this–by the way Hulda is the author of the famous book: Cure for All Cancers–she believes that parasites are involved in all cancers –being that they are pleomorphic organisms like cancer). Her frequency device to is purported to kill parasites,. After using the zap for a couple of week, I will check in with my level of well being-vitality, endurance, do a recheck of blood –looking at the eosinophil count and then 2 months later, a stool parasitology.

    • Hi Priyesh,

      My journey is ongoing, most likely will be for life. It is a complicated situation with Lyme spirochete, blasto along with another parasite which has traveled with me since initial infection in India in 1996. At this point, am doing pretty good. I really have to watch it and am able to have a pretty good quality of life. Physically, I am able to do some things but cannot go into medium or high intensity activity that pushes my body above the anaerobic threshold. Did you read about the Ozone therapy? It is expensive maintenance that I cannot afford but I am currently using food grade hydrogen peroxide enemas with good results as a non-toxic anti-everything anti-toxins: fungal, spirochete, virus, bacterial, etc.

      If you have specific questions or need help, please email me and I would be happy to help if I am able.

      be well, Michael

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