Welcome to the Space that always is…


Whether one is experiencing the greatest joy or most painful circumstance, it is all grace.

To realize the grace underlying Reality, we must understand that the Universe is our own reflection. The Universe and all its contents are contained within Consciousness. As we slip out of the conditioned role of playing a person and fall back into our True Identity, life simply unfolds Itself.

From the Absolute vantage point, there is no drama, story, chaos or confusion. It is so simple to see things as they really are. The mind cannot grasp it, so one begins to witness the appearance and disappearance of mind. Soon we stop paying attention to: concepts, ideas, thoughts, beliefs and stories. We must do this over and over again until we are convinced, with Absolute Certainty, about what we really are.

Until that moment of utter conviction, we appear to have gains and losses, troubles and ecstasies. We must persevere and endure these periods, where it feels as if we are lost in the dream world of mind’s creation. Any moment we can see the truth and disassociate from the thinking process.

Eventually we come to full conviction and are imprisoned in Reality. Everything we see is part of that all-pervading Self. It does not matter what name we give to that Ultimate Reality. Trust in That!


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