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Staying in the Light…

Of course, ‘staying in the light’ is a cliche but also a spiritual pointer. How could we really be out of the light? The darkness is only masquerading as light; it shows up when we give credence to appearances.

During this time of great destruction and dissolution, it is increasingly important to focus on love, compassion, light and inner joy.  Our earnestness to see the truth is a buffering agent for the incoming societal collapse and subsequent realignment.  Previous structures of ego-based society are giving way to a new consciousness. The appearance of chaos plays out on the movie screen of life on a daily basis. Pay no attention to these distractions. Simply witness them from inner peace.

Make sure to spend many hours each day, much of your spare time, on activities of inner contemplation, beauty, truth and love. Meditative, prayerful, silent respites will restore equilibrium to your humanness and bring you back to yourself, that calm beingness or presence. Nothing can disturb that. It is like standing in the eye of a tornado, everything is whirling around you, yet knowing that all is well.


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