Welcome to the Space that always is…

The Unknown Moment…

Most of this life, I lived in the mind, masquerading about in the land of ‘I know.’ It was a ghoulish place disguised as a King’s castle. Lost in the conceptual world of ideas, beliefs and approximations, I spent most of my time strategizing and very little time truly living. For how could I really live, with my identify wrapped up so tightly into a body form?! From that perspective, it was not possible to see that what ‘I am’ is actually consciousness–and even beyond consciousness. The entire world is inside of this ‘I-am-ness’ –as an aware formless presence.

I had to step out of the ‘I, me and mine’ façade and begin to live in the moment. It is such a cliché’- “living in the moment” and yet even those not interested in consciousness or spirituality have a certain fascination with what that term is actually pointing to. What the moment is, one cannot say. It is unknown. All is unknown because each instant is a never-to-be-repeated flash. Like a chalkboard wiped clean after the end of a class. The board is ready for a new impression. And as we continue to step back into the witnessing, to be as awareness itself, we find that the chalkboard of life is always clean, fresh and brand new. There really is no one to assert or be inserted. Life is living itself and is inseparable, a divine matrix with no beginning or end.

The life force breathes all the bodies and beings into form. They appear and disappear each instant in the unknown moment. This moment, this precious present moment, is as one sage said: “the Home of the Real.” The unknown moment is utterly empty and completely full. There is no one in it and yet the unknown contains everything.

Once you begin to live in the unknown, appearances and the fear that attaches itself to them fall away. For your idea of ‘you’ is not there. You are no longer a man or a woman but the timeless, spaceless presence.

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