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New information has come out about the death of Robin Williams. The recent article from a CNN reporter was attempting to clarify what happened to Robin. The original media response portrayed him as a ‘depressive’ and ‘former drug addict and alcoholic’ and suicide was the natural conclusion.

Instead it was found, via autopsy, that Robin had a brain disorder which of course was caused by toxic agents but the Western Medical Establishment has labeled it a ‘rare’ disease called: Lewy Body Dementia. Which is, as they said:

“not nearly as well known (or talked about) as Alzheimer’s disease, which accounts for more than half of dementia diagnoses in the United States, Lewy body dementia, or LBD, is the second most common type of progressive dementia.”

“Nearly 1.4 million Americans are known to have the disease, but because it’s a relatively young disorder,” Angela Taylor, director of programming for the Lewy Body Dementia Association said, “that number is likely much higher.”

The standard party line: induce fear with a dreaded label with no cure in sight.

Robin’s wife said:

“It was the chemical warfare that no one knew about.” This is an amazing, ironic statement.

I cringed, another label, a so-called ‘rare’ disease and the culprit in plain sight: Chemical Warfare.

What they did not discuss, nor do any of these articles discuss, are the actual underlying physical toxic agents involved in the condition. This is purposeful, because all of these ‘diseases (and the list is growing daily) are labeled and put into a basket: No known cause, no known cure.

Misdirection takes place, the condition is described with more labels: It is similar to Alzheimers, Parkinson-like, it attacks the body a bit like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, and on it goes. And then the Establishment describes how this particular disease label messes with the brain, how it works on a molecular level. This does not help isolate the root toxins nor resolve the issue about treatment.

“LBD is caused when normal proteins in the brain begin to aggregate, forming clumps called Lewy bodies that, as they spread, “muck up the ability for the brain to transmit signals,” said Cleveland Clinic neurologist Dr. James Leverenz.

No mention is made of toxins found in Robin’s body because they were only looking for the way, the microscopic deterioration morphology in brain function instead of looking for the primary root toxin(s) that started the process to begin with.

If they would have been looking and actually attempting to find out what caused his brain deterioration, the following toxins and chemicals would most likely have been found:

Barium, strontium, aluminum from chemtrails, mercury, lead and other metals from amalgam fillings in his mouth, Cesium, radioactive iodine and other isotopes from Fukushima and perhaps mycoplasma bacteria, fungal infections, or possibly lyme spirochetes or the insidious effects of gluten (primarily from wheat-our main staple crop-which is laced with sodium azide during wheat seed inception and then dried using glyphosate (yes, the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup). The large list of chemical toxins and pharmaceutical drugs were most likely involved. In fact, it is said that Robin Williams was already on a pharmaceutical drug for Parkinson’s disease, a drug with side effects, including: SUICIDAL TENDENCIES.

Only a small percentage of the population realizes the level of planetary toxicity we are all dealing with. Each person gets a particular disease manifestation (from these primary root toxins) and displays unique signs and symptoms based on their genetic history and lifestyle exposure. And the truth is we all have hundreds of toxins in our systems now from chemtrails spraying, Fukushima radiation and others. I talk about these toxins more in my book,  “From Illness to Stillness” and in another recent blog post.

The other aspect of the article: No treatment is possible. Because, how can you treat something if you do not know the cause? The Western Medical System will still give you experimental regimens of pharmaceutical drugs and exploratory surgical procedures even though they don’t know what is going on.

Treatments are available for the specific toxic elements which are the underlying cause of most of these conditions but these root toxins are never identified as the primary disease-causing element by the Western Medical System.

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