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Contemplation of Death…

As an end of life caregiver, I have spent time with quite a few people as they near the form transition. An interesting phenomenon has occurred with two clients who were also cherished friends. Threads of body –mind identification internalized the dying process—as if death was happening to me-because it was.

When my friend Noel passed in early 2009, there followed a great collapse. Death came to eliminate many ideas and beliefs related to body-mind identification.

This idea of ‘me as a body’ began to show signs and symptoms of impending form dissolution (death), such as: faltering organ function, disorientation, and confusion. It was as if the stripping away of form identity, taking place with my dying friends, was also happening within myself.

The more I am able to rest as awareness, the witnessing consciousness, (instead of a particular body form), the more effortlessly life unfolds and flows.- no matter the manifestation dynamics, be they: sickness, death, pain, suffering, natural disasters and so on.

These next few months seem to point towards the transition of my friend, Jack. It is always such a blessing to be with someone who has put so much energy into deep spirituality as they prepare for the great unknown we call death. Jack’s preparation entails living more and more in and as the unknown, reading near death experience accounts by the thousands while contemplating and meditating upon primordial words of Self-realized sages.

So in essence, the so-called death has already happened. Jack sees that nothing can touch him, touch what he really is. Through Jack’s direct insight and knowledge lives a great trust and faith in the Eternal Absolute. It is awe-inspiring to witness a growing fearlessness pervade his being. Instead of the fear and associated discontent, that many go through as the body manifestation nears transition, Jack is at peace and quite ready to meet his Maker.

When Jack sets his eyes upon me, a potent presence encompasses my entire being. Mind is unable to spring into fantasy or distraction. Jack constantly reminds me to go deeper and have more conviction in what I really am.

So today, I go to spend a few hours, in the guise of work, sitting in the penetrating peacefulness of a contented heart.

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