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My dear friend Jack, aged 92 is one of those human beings with a piercing presence.Whenever I arrive, no matter how tired he is, with gusto Jack pushes himself to standing from his chair or bed. Always he embraces me with a big hug. Then with his strong hands still gripping the sides of my upper arms, he smiles deeply, looking into my eyes with such intensity. Love and compassion shine through. Jack says hello and goodbye the same way.

Jack and I first met nearly 4 years ago. My end of life client and friend Muriel was wanting to explore other options related to a longstanding illness. She sent me to find out about “the helium”-from her acquaintance- Jack.

Jack, as it turns out, use to go to the Hemlock Society meetings and was aware of the helium method for ‘self-deliverance’ -sometimes erroneously called ‘assisted suicide’.

“It is so effortless and easy. There is no reason for anyone to suffer on for months and years once their quality of life has gone.” Jack informed me that first day we met. He went on to explain the science behind the method, the ease of application and the peace surrounding those using helium to quietly and painlessly leave the earthly sojourn. Jack described one woman’s effortless passage:

“She was sitting in her chair, put her hood on and then turned on the gas valve. Suddenly she exclaimed with much enthusiasm: ‘Oh look, the bird has returned to its nest!’ and then she passed out, dying minutes later with a contented smile etched across her face.”

Jack and I share a beautiful soul connection and spiritual recognition that defies any category.

A bazooka man in world war 2, Jack, after a particular battle, was awarded the Navy Cross. Originally put in for a Silver Star, his medal was upgraded.

Two men normally ‘man’ a bazooka. Jack’s partner, the ammo loader, ran off when incoming tanks were spotted coming right for his division. Jack was forced to handle the loading himself. He took down two of the three tanks and saved his comrads. Over the last three plus years, I have literally had to drag aspects of this story from Jack.

Jack has shared much with me in the area of Science, Religion, near death experience and Non Dual spirituality.

Thanks Jack for being such a bright light and friend on this brief earthly dance.

*Here is the link to Jack’s Navy Cross


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