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Reflecting the Heart

True Caring does not require education. In fact, caring, cannot be taught, only awakened inside the heart. One must step out of their personal idea of ‘me’ and ‘mine’ and this happens when we become disinterested in the fabrications and stories of the mind. It requires diligence, sincerity and immense earnestness.

The language of the heart has always been alive within me. Of course, during the life journey many layers of conditioning had to be uncovered and owned, acknowledged, revealed and released. I found that the more I tuned into the heart, though, the less the conditioning froth infused my life with guilt, blame, hatred, judgement, criticism or condemnation.

And yet, life is magically orchestrated in a way that enables us to move through conditioning. Family members can help us to see our most recalcitrant pseudo narratives (aka- bullshit stories we tell ourselves to justify a position).

One of my favorite ‘spiritual dudes’ is Ram Dass. He is down to earth, real, funny, amazingly deep and boy does his heart shine. After a very intense stroke about 15 years ago, an even deeper heart quality began to emerge from within him. When you watch Ram Dass on video now, tears may well up inside because his heart expression is so touching.

Years ago I heard an audio tape and Ram Dass said these words:

“If you think you’re enlightened go spend a week with your family.”

No one can ‘get my goat’ like my sister Cheri. It still happens occasionally. And as the famous author of “Autobiography of a Yogi’ once said:

“Never let anyone get your goat; your goat is your peace.” In truth, no one can touch inherent peace within unless we give them permission by believing that something they do or say relates to us. It is only when we get pulled into assuming an identity that peace appears to be extracted from us.

Cheri, my beloved sister, is two years my junior. She has been my greatest teacher and guru.

When I was four years old, though memory forgets the infuriating factor, little two year old Cheri, while be chased by yours truly, tripped and hit her head on the corner of the TV. Stitches for Cheri, Michael turns into bad guy.

The teen years were a relentless battle almost from the minute we got in the car all the way to school. In the decades that followed, things settled a bit, maturity maybe, spiritual insight, okay sure. Yet we still had our tangles to unwind.

Fortunately I have seen the immensity of Cheri’s heart up close. An amazing softness and tenderness is encapsulated there. I know the incredible depth of her pain as well. Her suffering is buried deep; she is completely unconscious of it. Her suffering is my suffering. As I have continued to uncover my own deepest pain, along with the patterns of protection bypassing feelings, the anger, sadness and depression that were so much a part of the journey dissipated and have allowed me to feel the pain of others.

Cheri, thanks for helping me to uncover the places that cut me off from my heart center. You are a true teacher and a blessing in my life. I love you dearly and wish that you will be free from suffering.

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