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Grocery Shopping

“Man lives on 10 percent of what he eats, on the other 90 percent lives his doctor.”

I went shopping at Staff of Life, our local natural foods store. Really, it does have natural grocery items inside, unlike the other neighborhood establishments, Lucky and Safeway.

Lucky if you get out alive and Safeway, where you must shop with cover from a SWAT team.

“Danny, check the back, see if they’re unloading any of that new aspartame-infused, cow pus ice cream or antidepressant-laced jelly doughnuts. Move, move!”

“Stan, sneak in that front window and kneel by those 6 withering, organic carrots.”

“Ray, John, Billy, my green beret brothers, infiltrate the center aisles. Godspeed. Use full riot gear, the MSG crackers, bacteriophage bologna, Autolyzed yeast soup and nutrasweet, bonechar-bleached cookies, carmine-red mashed insect potatoes have been known to spontaneously combust.”

The only reason I went to Safeway was to pick up a few select ‘food’ items for an elderly lady friend. I use the word ‘food’ loosely because if we dissected the entire store into elements, like a chemistry experiment, food additives would take up the majority.

The Food Policing agency uses the term GRAS (generally regarded as safe). This means that untested, unregulated and ‘FDA authorized poisons’ take up most of the substance of our so-called food. This is what the FDA has to say:

“For centuries, ingredients have served useful functions in a variety of foods. Our ancestors used salt to preserve meats and fish, added herbs and spices to improve the flavor of foods, preserved fruit with sugar, and pickled cucumbers in a vinegar solution. Today, consumers demand and enjoy a food supply that is flavorful, nutritious, safe, convenient, colorful and affordable. Food additives and advances in technology help make that possible.

”If you are able to decipher the microscopic labels on these boxes and cans, interesting words for synthetic and scientifically- designed sugar, mutated wheat gluten- finely articulated in a lab to be as addictive as opium, shellac – to put a fine coating and optimize appearance. Many other chemical dyes and poisons are being consumed.

I think I will stick with the Staff of Life or maybe go to the farmer’s market or grow my own garden….

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