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Death is Not Real

My father passed on almost 6 months ago. He did not die. More and more I see that our idea of ‘death’ is only a misconception. When someone ‘dies’, the communication avenue shifts, becoming more subtle since the bodily instrument dissolves back into the Source. As we pay attention to the inner, energy current, what we thought was lost in ‘death’ is instantly found.

During our most intense moments, the current increases to meet the challenge. This current is the vital force, our essential nature. From our true nature, we can sense and hear the ‘deathless ones’ residing in the light space that permeates not only the ethereal realm but the earthly realm–as they are not separate.

Lately, the voice of my father has arisen from within. I hear it most profoundly during moments when I feel disconnected, caught in thought identification, feel overwhelmed or distraught. My father is the eternal assurance, saying:

“All is well son.” And then a few tears come. I realize the truth in those words. The words come from me; because I am not separate from my father.

The great thing is:

We all have our inner father- inner mother, beloved friend or power being appearing when we most need to remember who we really are. They show up incognito as angelic-like presence but often they communicate quite loudly through ordinary life situations.

If we are attuned to the inner vibration of the heart center and keep returning there, resting in that love space, all that we need appears without fail. These curtain calls arrive even if we do not notice because death was not real. Our greatest friends and intimate ones are always here.

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