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Medicine of the Heart

‘Medicine of the Heart’-that was the title of a book I wrote and published in 2008. In writing that book, I was asking for heart medicine. Immediately, this love potion began to pour into every orifice of my being. In the first few years, this medicine came in a form that was not immediately recognized as beneficial. In the last months, however, I have been saturated in -what I call: ‘heart friends’.

In my opinion there is no other type of friend. The word ‘friend’ comes from the Germanic word: ‘freon’ –which means:

“To love or be affectionate to”.

All of us have challenges in the journey called Life. Heart friends remind us that we are never alone. They show us that our greatest challenges are only tiny bumps on the road back to where we have always been, our true Home.

When one lives from the heart, they live from a fullness that never grows tired of sharing Itself. Each time a heart friend touches us, a healing takes place. LOVE floats between the bodies and is the bodies at the same time. Heart friends shine the light and help us see everyone through this love-centered space.

Heart friends transcend words, concepts or things. They do not fall into categories related to religion or spirituality. When you are with heart friends, this love and affection is all-encompassing. The room, the space you share together, is lifted above the surface ‘human’ mind-level.

From this authentic perspective, the real and true ‘being’ shines.

As this heart-saturation continues I am feeling the heart-being in everyone I meet. It does not matter what is said or done, how they act or what I say. It matters not what history we’ve had. Those things are superficial dust on the mirror.

Seeing through the heart-lense, is to see through what apparently exists. All that remains: The heart-being shining.

That light which is watching becomes inseparable from what It witnesses. Everywhere It looks, that essential heart-being is seen.

This heart-insight, how things really are,  is timeless, yet ever deepening. It melts away all resistance, effortlessly, like clouds evaporating and revealing the Blue Sky.

Thank You Heart Friends. You are everywhere and I embrace all of You.

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