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The Invisible *Asterisk

I love it when people speak the truth. Recently I received a response referencing my last blog entry, entitled: Prompted.

The woman who wrote to me, a writing friend, thought I was either speaking ‘tongue and cheek’, was ‘delusional’, or was ‘idealizing women’. She went on to say that I needed to have ‘eyes wide open’ and finished by saying that she felt men were more compassionate. She was principally referring to this section of that blog entry:

“… There is no posturing, teasing, passive-aggression, sarcasm and certainly no jockeying for ‘top dog’ -as is common in many male-dominated groups…”

I told her she may be right about my ‘delusional-idealization of women’ status and in all fairness to men, I have not been to a conscious men’s only group in many years, so I am speaking more from distant past experience—which is certainly delusional. 

So, men, I invite you to prove me wrong. I love being wrong. I have no need to be right.

From now on, please realize the following disclaimer is attached to all blog entries. It is being adhered with an invisible*asterisk. (I do not claim to have all the answers, to be liberated, realized or any such things. We all live in our own worlds).

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