Welcome to the Space that always is…


Last night I went to a writer’s gathering at this cool tea shop called “The Abbey’-thusly named by its affiliated, neighboring, and some might say: ‘hip church’. The facilitator of the group, Lisa, started a MeetUP entitled: ‘Radical Wellness’ and she incorporates many elements under the heading from meditation hikes, making art, running, bike riding, eating wholesome food, being in the redwoods, writing into her community building ‘radical wellness’.

We settled in and once again I found myself the only guy in group of women. How cool is that?! Way cool. Women share their heart so easily. They live from it, are in tune with it and reflect those qualities outward for all to share. I felt so comfortable right away. There is no posturing, teasing, passive-aggression, sarcasm and certainly no jockeying for ‘top dog’ -as is common in many male-dominated groups. So I played the lucky guy with nothing to do, just to be in the presence, the heart fullness.

Soon we were free-writing to prompts–given 8 minutes to let the pen romp. The prompt came: ‘I Come From…‘—and the following writing came:

     “I come from a place mysterious- the deep, watery depths. It is so alive and still, flowing. Certainly not stagnant and dead. And as I emerge into ‘this world’, it is so loud that at times I feel overwhelmed with the jumble of noises and yet unlike other times when I have surfaced into this world, only to immediately re-submerge, this time I’m staying no matter how uncomfortable I feel or how vulnerable or unnerving the circumstances. This time I’m here to stay and share that deep light from the water depths of darkness. Some may not be ready for this new light, others may fight it, maybe a few will embrace it and see that the light I carry is nothing to be afraid of. This light is totally harmless, it is for all, a beneficial beam that I will not turn off, cannot turn off, will not turn way from–come what may.

So I enter completely unknown territory. What’s new in that? Isn’t life always unknown and is it not all inside me, all of it?! Simultaneously life touches me at the core and flows by like a breeze.

So I am here to stay. I come from a place that never changes, always shines, only the passing show dances by. Let it keep coming. Nothing need be changed, nothing rejected or run from. Freedom is in these waters and it must be shared.

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