Welcome to the Space that always is…

Walking on Water…


Today while walking in the glorious 70 degree temps after a powerful Skype with a dear friend, I found myself experiencing directly what I can only call:  ‘walking on water’. It was like suddenly there was this felt sense of what that really was. The famous metaphor came into memory and chills arrived with such force. I was feeling, truly what the followers of Jesus must have been pointing to when they used that phrase, and glimpsed the “Space” from which Jesus must have felt, knew, experienced, and realized.

The quote, often attributed to the followers of Jesus, was now alive in me. The insight came through unasked, that Jesus was not strictly, literally speaking, performing a miraculous walking on water, defying gravity and all of that. The miraculous ‘walking on water’ was simply a metaphor used by those who witnessed Jesus walking in such a powerful state of Awakeness– so deep and abiding– that it was as if ‘he’ was walking on water. The word ‘walking’ signified a movement in higher consciousness, a deeper state of spiritual realization; that in fact ‘he, Jesus’ was watching the body walk and that witnessing consciousness was an elevated awareness which put him above the material realm, where miracles happen but are not really miracles. As seen from that elevated ‘place’ they are normal, every day, every minute, every second happenings and unfoldings–because all is so alive in that ‘place’.

Then it came in that even the famous ‘Lazarus come forth’ statement attributed directly to Jesus, the so called miracle of bringing the dead Lazarus back, even that was really (not literally bringing Lazarus back–the dead physical body) but actually Jesus was summoning forth and recognizing the deathless reality which animates all bodies and the body form of Lazarus (you could say holy spirit or that which never dies). Lazarus may well have been ‘metaphorically dead’ because he was absorbed in the mind (in unreality) and now he has come back, stepped back into the Reality which Jesus was mirroring and exhorting from.

Lazarus’s association with Christ Consciousness, in which Jesus was fully immersed, showed him (Lazarus) his own inherent divinity. When Jesus said “Lazarus come forth” and Lazarus rose to his feet. He was no longer Lazarus (identified with the body form) -it was Lazarus now merged and realized as the True Self.

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