Welcome to the Space that always is…

‘Sometimes’- the mind howls- ‘I get tired of reading spiritual pointers’. You see, they take out all the steam of the mind. If you are absorbed in thought streams of any kind, spiritual pointers have the potency to evaporate that pseudo-identity. And quick. If you are wandering about full of anger, grief or sorrow because of some body related malady, or the stock market has crashed and you are now broke, or perhaps found out that grandma has pushed forth her last breath, well than read this:
“Whatever happens, happens to that psychosomatic bundle (the body-mind) and I am not concerned with it.” What did he just say? He is not concerned with it? It’s true, he’s not. He knows that he is the absolute consciousness, which is not identified with a particular body. He claims no ownership of thought streams, to the point that thought streams are not even part of awareness for Him. He is the Absolute only appearing to play through form. This is also true for you. Well now, that is a refreshing breeze!

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