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Message to the Seeker…

Stop. You don’t exist. Turn around and see your true Self. Surrender to “I don’t know”. This leaves you with nothing left to seek–no more challenges, issues, or problems. And most importantly, it relieves you of you–which was the only problem, except it wasn’t a problem really.

Do you follow so far? Great, than it is over. Done Deal. Super great job.  Now it doesn’t matter what happens.

Life is Precious…

Life is so precious. And if you stop for even an instant- it must be a full stop-a complete moment with no accoutrements, attachments, residual thought streams –everything vaporizes. What you will find is a luscious garden of endless space: pure emptiness and see yourself looking out from behind the eyes of the body-form you once called ‘me’. That body form will be included in awareness but your idea about the body-form and everything else  will fall away.

What you really are has always been the space and includes the space. How can you find a self when there is nothing to compare yourself with? Then all questions, all mind made movements recede, keep receding and receding until the day comes when the concept we call ‘mind’ is lost irretrievably. You don’t need it. Memories, we cling to them with such fervor but when you live in the timeless now trying to hold on to flickering thoughts forms called memories or to retrieve them from the brain data base becomes a ludicrous proposition. It is an exercise in the obsolete.

If something needs to be remembered it will be. It will come into the now, into the moment unasked just like everything else. To taste a freedom this deep is great good fortune and if you add the secret element of earnestness for freedom, surrender to truth and the One–a facilitation towards freedom will take place. 

The great paradox is: nobody can do this yet you must try. 


Spiritual Pointers…

‘Sometimes’- the mind howls- ‘I get tired of reading spiritual pointers’. You see, they take out all the steam of the mind. If you are absorbed in thought streams of any kind, spiritual pointers have the potency to evaporate that pseudo-identity. And quick. If you are wandering about full of anger, grief or sorrow because of some body related malady, or the stock market has crashed and you are now broke, or perhaps found out that grandma has pushed forth her last breath, well than read this:
“Whatever happens, happens to that psychosomatic bundle (the body-mind) and I am not concerned with it.” What did he just say? He is not concerned with it? It’s true, he’s not. He knows that he is the absolute consciousness, which is not identified with a particular body. He claims no ownership of thought streams, to the point that thought streams are not even part of awareness for Him. He is the Absolute only appearing to play through form. This is also true for you. Well now, that is a refreshing breeze!

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