Welcome to the Space that always is…

en passant…

When newcomers learn the rules of chess, often one final ‘rule’ eludes them: ‘en passant’, a French word which means ‘in passing’. This move happens when two pawns pass each other, in one particular situation, one of the pawns is allowed to capture the other as it passes adjacent. In the game of chess, many of these so called beginners often do not believe it when you tell them about the rule (and how it works). Many feel you are attempting to pull one over on them. They plead that, “there is no such thing as ‘en passant'”. They hold on to their positions with firm indignity.

Life, in our so called bodies of form, often mirrors chess. We learn right away that everyone ‘passes’ and yet we try so hard to forget it and deny the inevitability that the human form will end. Well that ceasing to be we call ‘passing’, ‘death’ or whatever is simply a transitional state of consciousness–no different that going to sleep at night.

Later, as we tune in, a realization comes (which science has validated) that nothing actually happens to life, to who we are, and that only our idea dies. Intuitively we’ve always known that no one passes because no one really existed, that life is just a dream of the mind. And yet there are those who are afraid of passing because of mistaken identity.  When that mistaken identity appears to spring into existence, once again it can seem that someone has passed away.

So actually en passant is to see the illusion of two, dissolve into one.  Of course in reality there is only the Eternal One.

–two pieces become one-when in fact they have always been one. 

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