Welcome to the Space that always is…

The title of this post is a misnomer, since life cannot end. Only our idea of life ends. And this idea never really existed since no idea has existence, has reality. Ideas are mental constructs disguised as appearance; they are mental visions superimposed as fact. There is nothing factual about ideas.

So what is there to fear at the so-called ‘death’? Nothing. No thing can touch life, that spacious presence that you are. As you let go more and more of the appearances, the thoughts, the ideas, the beliefs, the habits of mind, you see that they hold no permanent value or true substance. Who you really are no longer appears to be impeded; you recognize and effortlessly realize what is always, already present. Lasting peace comes forth, this covering or overlay was only appearing to obscure it.

The letting go of the seeking-dismissing-hiding game was only a dream; now the sparkling radiance of the natural state is self-evident. You laugh and cry at the same time as the joyous expression unleashes itself, unrestrained. Deep gratitude follows and quietude, a stillness so deep words become obsolete. Words may still be spoken but they will no longer be filtered through any conditional processes.

In reality, there is nothing left to say and no one to say it too.

Freedom, freedom, freedom!

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