Welcome to the Space that always is…


Have you ever gone into your email trash folder (thinking you were in your regular email inbox) and found your self saying: “This is such trash…?!” You go to delete the email and the computer won’t let you. You keep hitting the trash button a couple of times until it dawns on you that: ‘It is already trash’.  

Everything of this world is arising and passing away. It arises, or so it appears, only to disappear as if it was never here.

Like a comedic parable, the things of this world changing but you never change. You always are.  Truly it is like the Styx song, Grand Illusion:

Just remember that it’s a Grand illusion

And deep inside we’re all the same.

We’re all the same…


Now you have found what cannot be thrown away.

Comments on: "Trash…" (1)

  1. Ooooo – Goosebumps…..

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