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When there is an embarking on the authentic spiritual path, one of the side effects relates to how one’s family, friends, coworkers, etc react to the deconditioning that is taking place. When this deconditioning is profound, like a deep spiritual shift or awakening, the results can be intense, painful, and often comedic. An extreme example of this comes from the life of the Indian avatar Anandamayi Ma. An avatar is simply a being born realizing inherent oneness and true divinity. Each of us are That already, all we need is to remove the items we cloth ourselves with: Mostly the “I am the body idea” from which all the rest of the ignorance springs.

One day this lady avatar, ‘Ma’, was in the middle of an ecstatic dance; she was fused with such powerful divine force that her body was as if a current of divine electricity. Some family members arrived at this religious festival and Ma’s niece was so captivated by her aunt (Ma) that she ran up and gave her a hug. It was in the darkness of night and the child was flung backwards to the ground. The girl went unnoticed until later in the evening when the family began to look for her. The young girl was found uttering God’s name, repeating it over and over, in a state of divine union and bliss. Her family desperately tried to bring the girl back to so called’normalcy’ but were unable. The girl only answered each question with:

“I see the whole universe filled with this name, so how can I stop saying it.” After quite some time they went to Ma and asked her to please help bring their little girl back. Ma smiled replying that yogi’s work at spiritual practices for a lifetime to achieve this state yet they were asking her to take it from the child. The girl was returned to ‘normal’ state of mind.

The journey most of us take in this realm will not be so drastic but can still be quite intense. As our life changes from the inside out, it will continue to push the buttons of those we interact with. If Love and Truth of Being are your only motive than things will all work out.

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