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It All Started With Roundup!

Yep, Monsanto’s legacy product, the stuff we mindlessly pour over all of our weeds was the beginning of our robotic-like, sheeple dance to the grave.

The one million dollars a day Monsanto spent to stop Prop 37 (our right to know what is in our food!?—of all things) has been defeated. With a massive misinformation campaign, this cartel, err company (known as the most evil), has begun to ’round us up’, because folks 53% of California voters decided that they don’t need to know what is in their food.  I guess that shouldn’t be surprising, with all the people who shop at Safeway and are mindless about what true food is.  What most people eat is not food, it’s chemicals.

So I guess we’ll just keep eating chemicalized, food additized, adulterated food substitute meals and wash them down with some beers or a coke.

Fortunately for Californians, a salvation is nearby: Marijuana is now legal in Colorado and Washington states. And after this vote, we all might need a good doobie!

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