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Book Review (sort of)

Recently someone sent me an email stating they enjoyed a blog entry I wrote a couple weeks back. They asked me to review a book: Seeing, Knowing, Being: A Guide to Sacred Awakenings by John Greer. So here is my shot at it:

The doctors, those with Ph.d’s like Greer, indicate one who is highly educated and often overly valued in our society. Education is in fact a deep conditioning not easy to overcome. The intellectuals are the toughest because they either know everything or in their quest for knowing more and more get caught in the conceptual realm. Those learned ones often get stuck in spiritual identity, wherein the intellectualism grabs everything including the most essential pointers. They often take spiritual teachings, and they do not even realize it is happening, and turn them into some grand ‘theory of everything’ or refuse to consider them at all.

This spiritual bypass route is so tenacious and recalcitrant that what Jesus said to the rich man is equally applicable: “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for an ‘intellectual’ to enter the kingdom of God.”

What Jesus may be pointing to is this: With so much conceptualization (knowing, living in the realm of mind) it is impossible to enter the kingdom (the present moment).

True spirituality is about living from the unknown. And fortunately Greer realizes this and though his writing is quite intellectual it is full of deep truth. I also must confess that I know nothing of this book though I did read the introduction  and enjoyed it. It contained essential spiritual pointers and truth-as much as words can. It was a bit too heady for my tastes. I have read so many spiritual books that I could not read on.

That said, I do sense the book Seeing, Knowing, Being will be a great bridging device which can be used as long as needed and then dumped as soon as you cross the river (so to speak). The book will be valuable to those just getting introduced to authentic truth teachings, the direct spiritual path of non-duality, but I urge you to go meet John Greer in person if you read his book and feel a resonance. Go sit with him and if you feel more attuned and alive in his presence, continue to sit with him until you wake up and realize that you do not need anything from anyone.

My favorites quote from the introduction: (authentic) “spiritual paths have consistently directed practitioners to go within to discover their true nature. . .”

So drop everything-this moment- be still and go within-it is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself. Now punch delete, turn off the computer and sit in the living, breathing silence.

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  1. “…true spirituality is about living from the unknown.” Beautiful! And we also discover that there is no river to cross, as we directly *experience* the Truth of Being inwardly. 🙂

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