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Heading southbound last Saturday, and starting at about 4700 foot level, my Uncle John and I left from Sierra City on the Pacific Crest Trail. We followed the river, crossed a few bridges with terrific falls on the North Yuba River.

Sierra County is the start of the northern section of the Sierra Nevada range. It is a little used area with a rich history related to the gold rush and the area is largely undeveloped today.

It was hot when we set off at 3:00 pm. This is bear country though we did not see any. I hiked in with John, only five miles but even a few minutes in the wilderness is a cherished gift.  All the better to be spending it with one of the truly inspiring humans I know. Sixty-nine years old with 1100 miles of the 2650 miles PCT trail logged so far, John was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer 6 years ago and is one of the few (they say only 3-5 percent make 5 years) given that diagnosis who is still breathing on planet earth.

Positive energy and the kitchen sink methold were his longevity secrets. The kitchen sink method includes about any kind of Western Medical Treatment they could throw at him; additionally John added numerous new age supplements and organic foods that I suggested. He pushed a large quantity of green powder through his esophagus but stopped short of imbibing the coffee enema-much to my surprise. He is living proof that my trademark KSM therapy is a viable alternative cancer treatment.

 Unc J, as we call him, was ‘taking a zero’ (day off–logging zero miles–thus the name). He was resting at a trail angel’s house in Truckee, California  (Trail angels are any fine folks who help a hiker get to off trail resupply stations in various mountain areas) when I called him today.
Every time we get together there is a palpable boost of positive energy in the surrounds. Ever since I was a young boy his enthusiasm and zest for life has been a constant. Journey on Big Guy!  I will see you on the trail again soon.

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