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The Water Store. . .

Recently I reconnected with an old friend and mentioned to her (via a phone call) that I was at the water store. This elicited a bewildered response and it became obvious that she had no idea why someone would want to go to a water store, what a water store was, why anything other than super market water or tap water from home was necessary.  For those of you who are from her area of reference, this blog is for you.

Today our water is toxic. Period. The industrial pollution in ground water is off the scale, with hundreds of different contaminants-including heavy metals, etc. The chemicals that are put into the water to treat the toxicity are themselves toxic: chlorine, fluride and other additives. Most of us have been trained to look at certain chemicals as innocuous. We all get our teethed cleaned with the fluoride treatment, right?

And chlorine is the stuff that makes swimming pools so clean. If they allow it in swimming pools it must be good for you?

Think again. Fluoride is not the naturally occuring fluorine. The form used is not even calcium fluoride, it is sodium fluoride a neurotoxic agent used in pharmaceutical anti-depressants and other drugs, rat and cockroach poison,  seiran nerve gas and was most famously used my Hitler to make the people more susceptible to control (turn them into Sheeple as it has very strong neurotoxic effects).

Chlorine was used in gas form as a weapon in world war one; it was called bertholite;chlorine bombs were used against our troups in Iraq as late as 2007. It is a known to be lethal, when even a few breaths are taken of the inhaled gas form, in 1000 parts per million.

Hopefully you will never again get your teeth cleaned with a fluoride finishing rinse. It is worthless and also extremely toxic.

Back to the water store–these stores, the best of them, use the most up to date multi-tiered purifications systems: reverse osmosis, UV sterilization, Ozone and other broad spectrum and natural ways to remove heavy metals, toxic chemicals and other contaminants from the water. We are fortunate to have clean water and ways to keep it as pure as possible. Find a water store and stop using tap water or store bought plastic water–ultimate it is cheaper and more healthy. Ideally buy a high grade Reverse Osmosis filtration unit for your house.

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