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We live in a culture that labels everything. It has reached the point where labels are now abbreviated. We speak to each other in code. I have- MS; Heather has- HIV; Billy is dealing with- ALS. The meanings, gloom and doom definitions, are etched into our psyche. Most of these these medical terms have one thing in common: ‘No known cause and no known cure’. The labels have become the caskets we are asked to step into on the painful ride to death.

Who wants to be stamped and boxed with something that has ‘no known cause’ and ‘no known cure’–like hundreds of the newly created disease labels do? What if CFS, chronic fatigue syndrome, was referred to as PST: prolonged stillness therapy? Maybe the label would no longer be a distraught-producing medical term with no other purpose than to induce fear. Instead the label would indicate that one has stepped into a beautiful place, ripe with the potential for spiritual transformation.

Having a disease would no longer be disabling but instead empowering. It would indicate that one has dropped into attunement with the deeper vibrations of Life and Truth. Suddenly illness transmutes into stillness and becomes a  great opportunity to wake up from the trance of separation, to see that ‘I am not a person’, ‘I’ am the wide open space itself.

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