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I found out today that the Indian saint, sage, holy man, avatar–whatever you want to call him–Satya Sai Baba took his mahasamadhi (Great Departure from bodily form).  It took place last April 2011.  An ardent and devoted follower am I, just 9 months late on the news!  The subject note about unity and uniformity is a quote from Sai Baba.  Another one of my favorites that came from his lips: “Start your day with love, fill your day with love and end your day with love; that is the quickest way to God..”   I stood face to face with him one day in May 1996, just for a brief second.   I was on a Johnny Quest to India and Baba was calling.  The days spent at his secondary ashram near Bangalore were full of intensity, bodily sickness, new friendships and LOVE.


I will always be grateful for the graceful way he walked in life, in the form and formless.  Thank you Baba for your fearless love.

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