Welcome to the Space that always is…

The Grinch had it right all along, or was that Theodor Geisel? And like the good doctor himself, our most amazing insights come in a flash. Along the way, we get to play all the parts: villain, saint, asshole, friend and confidant. Then one day it dawns: all these parts are inside of me. With that recognition, a giant breath comes. We are ready to live from a ‘new’ place; that new place is where Jesus lived from.

Historians have pointed out that Jesus was actually born in March (near the Spring equinox), but Christmas has always been celebrated in December, during the beginning of the Winter season when the planet receives less light. In Chinese Medical philosophy, winter is the time for deep inner restoration. And the word Christmas literally means ‘more Christ’ —that is to say, a return to the light within. When all our energies turn towards the inner light, we align with the true Christmas spirit. Our perception is unveiled. The conditioning patterns that were filtering the life stream become inconsequential. A living presence is recognized through our own direct experience.

The more we become disinterested in thoughts, beliefs and stories, the more this radiance is self-evident. We hear it all the time: “Slow down”, “be still.” These words are useless until one actually takes the all-important step. If there is enough sincerity to drop everything (that means all ‘things’), one will discover that what they were looking for and hoping to achieve will pale and become insignificant. The great light of your own awareness has been found. Then you might express in all gratitude, as Dr. Seuss once did:

“… Maybe Christmas, in fact, is a whole lot more.”

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