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Tech Toys

Most of the Western world is deluded and consumed by the ever growing array of tech devices. It makes you long for the simple days of TV. As if that mind control device wasn’t enough. Now people are so obsessed and addicted to the vast array of ‘techy toys’ that they will jaywalk across a busy commercial intersection, head down, their will surrendered to Mr. Droid or I-Guy, without even realizing they are crossing the street. They will drive as if they were multitasking at the office. In every single activity they participate, the tech baby is with them. It is not their child; they are its child. The e-baby is the anti-pacifier of the new age. Instead of suck-suck-suck, drool-drool, the little toddler stimulates the mind to keep consuming, to keep recreating itself. It feeds this obsessive-compulsive disorder society, based on the belief that ‘I must continue, stay busy, keep moving, etc.’ Exploitation of this fact reaches into every corner of the tech world.

We are having fabricated robotic communication; it’s me against the machine but I’m better, or we participate in illusory conversations with entities we have never met face-to-face. We assume and project, formulate an idealism based on their picture, profile, game-playing ability or postings. We believe that the images and writings we send back and forth are real. We are talking to an appearance on some screen, feigning some kind of connection. Often the person we are typing back and forth with isn’t even the same person as the picture image listed on their site. They have created a stealth identity online and play themselves off as some handsome athletic guy or cute country girl. Maybe they might sit on the pulpit portraying the spiritually enlightened, religiously-infused teacher, dispensing wisdom for a price—loaded with sex appeal and other textbook varieties of what most people would consider the ‘ideal’.

The next time your tech-child picks you up, see that an illusory sense of ‘me’ is avoiding something, wants to be pacified, put into a stupor to deflect feelings or avoid facing some aspect of life. And that’s okay, but it’s nice to realize this. A day might come when suddenly your little inner tech toy child—some call it the mind—will no longer need to hold you close. You’ll be able to do that yourself.


Just This

Piercing silence is the defining noise,

the source that radiates a million joys.

A mirror of purity in plain sight,

true Self glistens as unceasing light.

Bubbling forth a love reflected and seen,

the chalkboard the aid that wipes mind clean.

An invisible energy asked, “How could you miss?”

It held my heart, whispering. “Just this, just this.”

(Inspired by a ‘talk’ with the silent yogi Baba Hari Das)

Be like an infant. . .

Most of humanity is living in a world full of psychic debris; they are following the voice of the mind, as if it is real. That is all fine and good, to each his own, but once you have discovered your true being, mind doesn’t, as the old saying goes, ‘hold a candle’. When sincerely investigated, mind loses its allure. You are no longer deluded by a transitory whorl that comes and goes. Simple being, the always existent presence, changeless reality, becomes the candle. Mind cannot attain presence because beingness (presence) is already here each and every moment.

That brings me to shopping, one of my favorite jobs. I know, I know, a guy who likes to shop. STOP. It’s not like that. Let me share a delight. I aimlessly wander, not looking for anything in particular, just like all the rest, with the same ‘I’ll know when I find it’ mentality. Here is the difference, my secret.

I go to the outlet malls, the grocery stores, and any place where the shopping hoards might reside, for one reason: to see infants. Yes, mothers bring those adorable, precious beings, propped up on numerous odd contraptions, dressed in miniature wardrobes (conditioned for battle early). These infants (not short for infantry), often newborns, exude a profound presence. I am in awe of that presence. Walking around a corner, music blaring, people talking loudly and then—a beaming ray of light, eyes wide, greets me in this silent world. My entire day is transformed in one instant. With an infant, nothing stands between their authentic self. They are simply happy to just be, conscious and happy, their life mission is complete. Nothing to achieve, to do, to conquer—the trail of the holy grail stops here.

Infants are a deep reminder of what my purpose is. We lock eyes for a few seconds or even a minute before they are whisked off by an unsuspecting mother. They crane their little necks in an odd fashion just to keep the connection as long as heavenly possible. Than we might run into each other again on another aisle. Sometimes it happens spontaneously, but if the truth be told, an article could be written about a new type of stalker.

Most of the time our little communions go completely unnoticed. After all there’s shopping to do, bills to pay, resentments to feed, and apparently an illusory mind to follow. Every once in a while, a mother recognizes that some deep connection is taking place. She will get the sense that something magical is occurring but makes a cardinal mistake by trying to make sense of it.

We often meet one last time, my infant teacher and me, at the checkout line.

“Sir, sir, are you ready?! The cashier attempts to sound cheerful. The other customers become impatient, some schmuck has put them behind schedule again. I politely apologize and mush onward, a smile on my face. Time for a final glance and an inward thank you to my tiny friend with that smile so divine and presence so deep.

“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store . . .”

The Grinch had it right all along, or was that Theodor Geisel? And like the good doctor himself, our most amazing insights come in a flash. Along the way, we get to play all the parts: villain, saint, asshole, friend and confidant. Then one day it dawns: all these parts are inside of me. With that recognition, a giant breath comes. We are ready to live from a ‘new’ place; that new place is where Jesus lived from.

Historians have pointed out that Jesus was actually born in March (near the Spring equinox), but Christmas has always been celebrated in December, during the beginning of the Winter season when the planet receives less light. In Chinese Medical philosophy, winter is the time for deep inner restoration. And the word Christmas literally means ‘more Christ’ —that is to say, a return to the light within. When all our energies turn towards the inner light, we align with the true Christmas spirit. Our perception is unveiled. The conditioning patterns that were filtering the life stream become inconsequential. A living presence is recognized through our own direct experience.

The more we become disinterested in thoughts, beliefs and stories, the more this radiance is self-evident. We hear it all the time: “Slow down”, “be still.” These words are useless until one actually takes the all-important step. If there is enough sincerity to drop everything (that means all ‘things’), one will discover that what they were looking for and hoping to achieve will pale and become insignificant. The great light of your own awareness has been found. Then you might express in all gratitude, as Dr. Seuss once did:

“… Maybe Christmas, in fact, is a whole lot more.”

You are Love

Who’s grasping in the darkness and blind to thy light?
Is there really someone obscuring divine sight?
Ego keeps playing the same old, abstract theme.
An illusory substance permeating a time-based dream.    
There’s nothing to this movement that feigns a mighty shove.
Why listen to a phantom; just remember — you are love.

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