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Human beings are forever searching for ‘the next thing’. No community affiliation tries to cover that up more than religious/spiritual groups. Whether it is the “I found Jesus” of the religious ones, to the ‘There is nothing to get’ of the non-dual spiritualists. The spiritualized ego is one of the most recalcitrant residues ever to attempt manifestation. Many of these so-called spiritual seekers or religious practitioners have core stories, professional-grade protective defenses that enable them to escape into pseudo transcendance or hide the true motivation enabling their actions.

In fact, this is the kind of blog entry that may draw outright vehemence and venom—even from the ‘religo-spiritual crowd’.

‘How dare they call me insincere, fake or deluded’, to paraphrase a common thought train. This shield of justification or misdirection allows us to avoid the truth of our insights (whether they come from our own seeing or that of another), even when we clearly identify the thief. Unless we are sincere, truly earnest, our actions will continue to be based on the pre-conditioned mind instead of the ever-alive, vibrant truth of the moment.

We must be dedicated to the task of seeing the false inside ourselves and then dismissing it. If we are willing to do that, we have a chance. This is the only way to end the search, otherwise we continue to operate out of this place of separation, as an isolated person living a life. The alternative—the truth actually—is that life is inside of us. As we live more from our hearts, from a still mind that is willing to stay as the open space, peace is realized through our direct experience.

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  1. Michael, Good to see you writing again!

    “pseudo-transcendence” – love it. I have met many of those egos in disguise 🙂

    For me, and I think you are saying this here too, it’s a about continually coming back to the Heart of Awareness, the space of Silent Awareness, remembering the underlying Rhythm of Life that we are, feeling it, experiencing it – the Life that is inside us, as you say.

    Bentinho says to confirm *everything* as this Life; that everything arises *as* this Life; everything is a seamless experience of Life. For me this is so Life *affirming* rather than the non-dual approach to emphasize that there is no-me, no-self, no one to experience anything, no one to *feel* anything, no-duality, etc. When all is said and done, there is only Life experiencing ItSelf! And I’d much rather see life this way 🙂

    With gratitude…

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