Welcome to the Space that always is…


When we allow all aspects of life to be as they are, the natural state of peace is undisturbed. If there is any kind of resistance to what is, the body vessel becomes congested with debris. The predominant imbalance will display itself in the emotional field as an angry outburst, judgmental comments, or it might stay ‘hidden’ inside masquerading as indifference. This leads to various unconscious, behavior manifestations.

If you are somehow feeling disconnected from the natural state of peace, you have two main choices: suffering or inquiry. Suffering is usually what we experience when in a state of resistance. We have all tried adding more suffering to the existing mix and found that it doesn’t work. That leaves us with inquiry. Inquiry is an investigation into the reality of the manifestation playing out as resistance. It can bring you right back to yourself, to peace. If you are sincere enough to question even your most inveterate beliefs, you will see that none of them will hold up. In fact, belief is the lynch pin which seems to hold you captive in suffering. The moment you begin uprooting the beliefs that are entrenched in the energy field, you are on the highway to peace. It is that simple.

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