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Easter is the great reminder that any moment, every moment, is an opportunity to resurrect Spirit, to make Spirit shine, to let Spirit shine, to witness Spirit shining. The bunnies and eggs are all fine, but Easter is about what animates and underlies the whole extravaganza. If we forget that, we miss Easter.

Fortunately we don’t have to wait a year to remember. The next moment, and the one after that, are ever available to us. We are reborn each instant, fresh and new, alive and free. How sweet is that?!

The ‘Spiritual’ Facade

It happens so quickly, a spiritualized movement of energy slides in and usurps authentic expression. Various feelings of overwhelm flow up and get segued into the mind as confusion. A sophisticated albeit unconscious resistance pattern shuffles our feelings into some holding tank because ‘now is not the time’.

The so called ‘spiritual’ gatherings are inherently ripe for truth to be co-opted by this unconscious reflex action. Almost everyone comes to these gatherings with their frosty smiles pasted on. No one wants to show that they are human, that they may be going through immense suffering or be identified with the mind. Often these events are full of spiritual platitudes. Everyone is bathing in the sweet energy streams, but often there is a feeling of underlying tension: this pretending is really a kind of sickness.

What we long for is to let down the guard and be really real. No one wants to appear less than spiritual though, like they might lose some placement in the spiritual awakening chart. No one wants to be demoted in status. After all many of these people have Sanskrit spiritual names that translate to: Peace, Love, Truth and Liberation. This puts them on a pedestal from which they are not apt to ‘descend’ from. Their spiritual status must be upheld at all costs. And this goes directly against natural and spontaneous energy expression.

Many people who come to these gatherings don’t want to show their feelings, to appear weak, to express anger, show sadness, and display anything other than their perfected beingness—less their credentials fall in the eyes of their fellow brethren. To take the mask off, to expose oneself in all humanity at one of these gatherings, is a death of sorts.

The reality is, deep down, whenever we watch someone stand up and tell the truth (not just share some spiritualized story), that is, burn in all their humanness, almost everyone at the gathering is simultaneously and profoundly touched yet horrified. They are touched because they so desperately want to be that free; they are horrified because they visualize themselves as a ‘me’ frying in shame in that situation. Even though they intuit that there is no ‘me’.

So for once, do yourself a favor and be so vulnerable and sincere that you are willing to stand before ‘the teacher’ and all the ‘students’ and unmask yourself completely.


When we allow all aspects of life to be as they are, the natural state of peace is undisturbed. If there is any kind of resistance to what is, the body vessel becomes congested with debris. The predominant imbalance will display itself in the emotional field as an angry outburst, judgmental comments, or it might stay ‘hidden’ inside masquerading as indifference. This leads to various unconscious, behavior manifestations.

If you are somehow feeling disconnected from the natural state of peace, you have two main choices: suffering or inquiry. Suffering is usually what we experience when in a state of resistance. We have all tried adding more suffering to the existing mix and found that it doesn’t work. That leaves us with inquiry. Inquiry is an investigation into the reality of the manifestation playing out as resistance. It can bring you right back to yourself, to peace. If you are sincere enough to question even your most inveterate beliefs, you will see that none of them will hold up. In fact, belief is the lynch pin which seems to hold you captive in suffering. The moment you begin uprooting the beliefs that are entrenched in the energy field, you are on the highway to peace. It is that simple.

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