Welcome to the Space that always is…


Fantasy is simply a form of the seeking game. An unconscious conclusion is made about a present sensation, feeling, thought, or event. The mind interprets this event as unacceptable. Fantasy then projects forth, simultaneously seeking to avoid this mind-created pain while searching for a distraction or replacement event, its idea of pleasure.

Pleasure, however, is inseparable from pain. They are part of the same movement—away from what is. Fantasy and other escape modalities lose their allure when we see that they are all driven by a false premise, a conditioned memory reflex that says life in this moment is uncomfortable or somehow ‘off kilter’.

Watch the mind closely and sincerely. Stillness and acceptance will develop as the witness attitude uncovers more and more space. Suddenly there won’t be anything to run from or search for. There will be plenty of space for all that unfolds before awareness (you).

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