Welcome to the Space that always is…

Holding on…

When we hold on to any aspect of thought, we suffer. Since thought is often connected to feelings which have strong charge—like worry, anxiety, or sadness—we get tricked. Fortunately the mind is, in reality, just a bundle of thoughts. For instance, take the thought-feeling form we call grievance. It is only a combination of grief mixed with resentment. With this attachment label, we feel ‘wronged’ and must hold on to this feeling. This is done to protect our mind created identity—’me’. Underneath this feeling-conclusion is another feeling-conclusion, in this case it might be betrayal. As we dig deeper we discover the belief, ‘I am right about this’. Another justification-conclusion that keeps the energy locked in place. Yet this energy bundle is not stagnant, it is frothing, spiraling, and moving about, refueling a never ending stream of disturbance.

The only remedy is disidentification. One must see that they are not the mind. It’s not ‘my’ mind, it is the mind. This witness attitude instantly brings freedom from the endless tyranny of the mind, but only all of the time. From the space of freedom, the entire fabric, the whole story the mind has spun unravels because ‘you’, as a mind-made entity are no longer the center. You, as you really are, can now watch the mind without getting mixed up in it—that is, without believing it is real. When identified with the mind, instant separation seems to happen, but since this is only another thought or appearance, it simply rises and passes away.

Without attachment to thought, what are you? Go into this deeply and be free.

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