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The key to Freedom…

We are freedom itself. Whenever the mind storms in with thoughts, whirls the ideas into a diabolical plot line, remember, the story is all hogwash. It matters little whether the tale is inspired by hormone imbalance, an achy shoulder, the jerk who was riding your arse too closely on the way home from work, or a million other scenarios.

The moment we clearly witness the story our mind is playing, see it clearly as and from awareness, it fades into oblivion. Our dilemma disappears instantly as if it wasn’t there. The only thing better than that discovery is the realization that the ghost-like whirl of mind holds no sway. Freedom. Aaaahhhh, deep breath, great big smile. Nothing touches you. This apparent arrival of said overwhelming story can appear to arise as many times as it wants. You are onto the game and like tic-tac-toe, the moment you know the game, it’s over. No reason to play.Of course unless you want to, but then you know it’s only a game and there’s nothing to really lose or gain.

There is no running away from freedom or reason to search for it. Even if you try, failure will inevitably come. And that great failure is the key to freedom. You have chased down all the boogie men, searched for all the ‘Masters’, and you find that there’s no one left but One—and you are it.

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