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Living in the Unknown

One of the great aspects of living in the unknown is that you no longer have to do anything. Everything is done for you. Events that once caused disturbance, problems and chaos are free to happen. You never had control over them anyway. Life continues to tumble out of nowhere and become part of the natural unfolding, only now you are unburdened.

Even the body walks itself, sleeps itself and feeds itself. This may seem like a radical shift of perspective but it is the truth. When I say ‘there’s nothing to do’, I mean literally, ever. Only the idea of you, a mind-made construct, thinks it is actually the doer. Nothing ever effects you when Life is lived in the timeless space, empty of content, ideas, labels, desires, and fears.

“What kind of a life is that!?” you may ask. My response would be: “A sane life.” Nothing can touch you. You are simply witnessing life, moment to moment. You are free, unattached to any outcome, without motive, appearing to play a part in the divine show, no more or less important than any other element. There is nothing to prove, no need to be special.

It doesn’t matter if you are homeless or rich, sick or dying, starving or stuffed, because you realize that not even the bodily-centered identification you once believed holds any sway or effects who you really are.

Life will always take the body form where it needs to go, so holding on or resisting is seen as a futile exercise. Life is always simple, and when you live from the unknown, it reveals itself as a breath of fresh air.

The Wonder of Children

You are in the store, full of impatience—that is, believing you should be somewhere else, a regular version of insanity that plays out every day. Then a baby spots you or did you spot a baby?! They are ‘staring’ at you but that’s not really it. They are living in the natural state, inviting you to drop the story that is playing around in your head. Will you accept?

The next time you are in a store, tune into the innocence and simplicity of being that exudes from the young ones. They are so alive and vibrantly express the natural state. These little ones invite us to stop all the needless inner and outer chatter, to realize that stillness, beingness is our authentic home. They show us that the endless stream of thoughts coursing through the mind, the ego-driven search to fill space, is unnecessary.

What is wrong with space, anyway? It frightens the sense of separate existence because when you live in the spaciousness of presence, the ego is not needed. The ego then becomes relegated to the tool box, to be used only when needed, which is not often. When you begin to see how ego creeps in and attempts to be the ‘center’, the hold it had over awareness dissolves. You return to the state of the newborn.

Christians, have witnessed this seemingly miraculous presence through direct experience of oneness, only they have attributed it to the grace of Jesus when in fact it is only the natural state that they have uncovered. It is the awareness Jesus lived from, and it is for all. The Buddhists call it Nirvana. Other traditions have labeled it Self-Realization. But these terms only point to the natural simplicity and aliveness.

Nature lives in presence too, like the children, the songbird, the tree, and the deer. All of them can instantly bring you into the realm of the real, like the silent roar of a lion reverberating with ceaseless power, stirring you out of the trance of me and mine. All identification with the mind snaps in those moments of inseeing. You are now directly experiencing one of the great joys of life—meeting in presence. I find infants and young toddlers to be potent expressions of pure presence. They live in oneness, and so can you.

The key to Freedom…

We are freedom itself. Whenever the mind storms in with thoughts, whirls the ideas into a diabolical plot line, remember, the story is all hogwash. It matters little whether the tale is inspired by hormone imbalance, an achy shoulder, the jerk who was riding your arse too closely on the way home from work, or a million other scenarios.

The moment we clearly witness the story our mind is playing, see it clearly as and from awareness, it fades into oblivion. Our dilemma disappears instantly as if it wasn’t there. The only thing better than that discovery is the realization that the ghost-like whirl of mind holds no sway. Freedom. Aaaahhhh, deep breath, great big smile. Nothing touches you. This apparent arrival of said overwhelming story can appear to arise as many times as it wants. You are onto the game and like tic-tac-toe, the moment you know the game, it’s over. No reason to play.Of course unless you want to, but then you know it’s only a game and there’s nothing to really lose or gain.

There is no running away from freedom or reason to search for it. Even if you try, failure will inevitably come. And that great failure is the key to freedom. You have chased down all the boogie men, searched for all the ‘Masters’, and you find that there’s no one left but One—and you are it.

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