Welcome to the Space that always is…

The simple…

Taking a walk in nature, breathing fresh mountain air, hearing the cascading vibrations of a flowing river, these are the simple things. Looking into the eyes of a beloved friend—is their anything more potent than soul to soul contact? In that instant, life becomes utterly simple, yet absolutely full.

Every day is made up of many seemingly minute details, each one rich, amazing and delightful, if only we would fully embrace them. When you start to enjoy the wonder of each instant, life is pure grace overflowing. It doesn’t matter what is happening, the moment is always alive and pulsating. We bring in ‘the good’ and ‘the bad’ when we create a story about what is. If, however, we don’t bring in the filtering aspect of mind, nothing stands in the way of the aliveness, nothing masks the immensity. Then even the moment of bodily death becomes part of life. We realize that who we really are is the immutable witness of all that is.

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