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Healing for the Holidays…

Winter Solstice arrives tomorrow, December 21st. Christmas is around the corner. It is an amazing time full of heartfulness and love. It, however, can be a season where we overdo it, feel run down, stressed out and exhausted.

In the Chinese healing philosophy, Winter is a time where the kidney and bladder energies are highlighted. According to the 5-Elements or Rhythms Theory, these organ/energetic systems govern: adrenals, bones and store the congenital essence (our root energy). When one has tuned into the Winter vibration, they bring forth gentleness, calmness, willpower and wisdom.

On the down side, when one is out of balance, they can be more prone to nervousness and fear, but these are only symptoms and signs escorting us back towards harmony, asking us to care for ourselves in a new way. Really, Winter is the time for embryonic possibility. It is the potential in seed form. We need to nourish ourselves and rest more at this time.

To release fear and nervousness, the healing sounds can be used. The healing sound for the kidney and bladder is: ‘Choooo’. Sitting on a chair with your hands on your low back, over the kidneys, take a deep breath while visualizing a radiant blue light coming in through your hands. As you fold forward, grab your knees, releasing the breath, sub-vocally, silently with the healing sound ‘Choooo’.  Feel the fear and nervousness moving out with the healing sound. Do this several times. When you are finished, keep your hands over the kidneys and smile inwardly letting in a new peace-filled energy, full of calm and gentle wisdom.

A simple exercise like this might seem silly. “What’s that going to do?” your mind might say. Suspend any beliefs and doubts and try this practice, just for a few minutes each day. You are giving self-love and emotional healing to yourself. You’re worth it!

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