Welcome to the Space that always is…


Early this morning lucidity came forth during a nocturnal dream, interrupting the cycle of REM. I’ve had lucid dreams before—a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. One suddenly discovers the ability to change dream events at will. This lucidity was different though. In this case I suddenly became aware that I was awareness itself. In the dream, I was having a conversation with my wife and instead of attempting to manipulate or will some fabulous scenario from my lucidity, I stepped out of the dream altogether. Why would one want to change the dream, make it noble, or bring it to some spectacular conclusion when it was just a dream? With the insight that the dream was not real, what followed instantly, instead, was the recognition that I was lying in bed next to her. We were both sleeping.

Again simultaneously I woke up into ‘normal’ day time state and realized that that was only another interpretation. It also was only a dream. I was just pure awareness, the entire idea of ‘me’, my dream, my life was just one more superimposed dream state.  This ‘me’ was made up, just a mental image, constructed from appearances to create a reference point in time.  Yet, there was no time.

Humans try to get to their Being in so many ways. One way is through drugs. All the states that come about from ingestion of expansion-inducing substances, though they might bring some transcendent states, still take you away from your inherent Self which is already here abiding, waiting for you. Even spiritual practices can be a way to search for the ‘grand something out there.’ It is like trading search mechanisms, changing telescope lenses, until one sees that all searching is futile.

The best course is to meet yourself in the living moment. You realize that what you were searching for in the drug or spiritual ‘high’ is already here. When the search is over, you rest in wholeness, freedom, and peace.

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