Welcome to the Space that always is…


We desperately want to continue as an individual, as a single body, a ‘me’. And not only that, we want that body to behave for us, to have a powerful vibrancy, complete with positive health attributes, lots of money, friends and things.

But what if the whole universe was your body, all contained within you? Then this plan, to caretake but one particular body, would be the equivalent of watching one tree in an immense forest, consumed with saving only it, preserving only it, looking at this tree as a separate but infinitely more important part of the forest, instead of seeing the inseparable, immense matrix of Oneness.

If life, the whole universe, is all contained within us, we are just the watcher of it all—which leaves the caretaking to the Divine Maker. No longer would we live in state of constant tension, like an obsessive-compulsive who is attempting to manipulate life so as to preserve the one singular body. Because you would realize that you will always be, could never die, will always continue. From that realization, a relaxed awe would set in, along with a fearlessness, completely unconcerned with preserving the one little body you thought you were. You’d realize it didn’t matter how long that little body lived, that one little body separated by mistake from the universal body.

You will always be the watcher, the witness. You have always been free. You are freedom itself.

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