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Giving & Receiving

George Bush, during a 5,000 dollar a seat reception at the end of the now infamous Michael Moore film, Fahrenheit 9-11, said:

“This is for the haves and the have mores….” It is an eerie and revealing scene, an absolutely horrifying finish to a great documentary. It shows how far delusion and greed can go. Greed is a state of poverty consciousness. It is at the heart of ego, which is always after more. It never has enough. One can be a millionaire financially but deep down be truly poor, feel ‘impoverished’, which means they are ‘deprived of natural richness and strength’.

A spiritual teacher I know offers his discourses for donation. He still does, only now he has someone sit by the donation basket. For several years though, he didn’t. His volunteers kept discovering that many were not giving. This teacher did nothing, but for several weeks, his father, who also came, decided to see who was giving and who wasn’t. His father was also aware of the relative financial standing of most of the people who came. So he stood inconspicuously to one side but all the while paying very close attention to the donation station. What he found was astounding. Night after night, talk after talk, gathering after gathering, of those people who had significant monetary wealth, a large percentage did not give a donation at all. Those that had very little, were barely making rent, having a house that was undergoing foreclosure and generally not pulling in a large amount of money, gave a lot. It was in inverse proportion to their actual financial status. Here were these affluent people not donating for something they supposedly valued greatly. In essence they were not giving, so how in fact could they truly receive what was being offered?! The loop was closed. Here was this teacher offering spiritual riches, but they weren’t really being valued. Conserving the money was more important. It was just like Christ telling the wealthy man who wanted to join him to give away all his money, then follow me. That is, first give, then receive. Remember the response:

“Give all that my father earned, that I have earned, give it all away.” The rich man slowly backs away and as he is leaving, Christ turns to his disciples and says: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

The people with just enough financial sustenance were living in true wealth and were enjoying the riches. With all their monetary wealth, the so-called ‘rich’ ones were in fact poor, living in poverty.

When we operate from the belief that everything is separate, we live from a lack state of mind. True abundance is the realization that we are already whole and complete, so all that’s left is to share from our inherent bounty.

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