Welcome to the Space that always is…

In the movie ‘Fletch’, Chevy Chase’s character is receiving a physical exam.

“Well, I can’t find anything wrong with you,” the doctor concludes.

“Not for a lack of trying,” Fletch deadpans.

And that’s it. We are always trying to find something wrong when sensations trigger old conditioning patterns in the mind. The mind comments so quickly with internal streams. ‘This means I’m sick, I’m not well, What’s wrong?’ So the life force is covered up with a mind stream from the past, thoughts turn into beliefs and suddenly we are lost in a story. ‘Oh, God, what am I going to do. I’m sick and have so much work to do today.’ It’s the illness merry-go-round which plays itself as a deadly serious occupation. The boss, the workers, and all the things to do are fabricated in the mind, spun into a grand tale and that’s where all the energy goes. The thought goes: ‘If only I had energy.’  Well the energy is there but it is busy keeping up the pseudo story or tied up in the conclusion, ‘I’m exhausted.’

This doesn’t deny the fact that the body is actual having physical symptoms and reactions. It is. Only much of the healing energy is usurped by the mind and bound up, in tension. Once we realize that what’s happening is okay, relaxation comes in. The life force is then free, not blocked by patterns of resistance. From this place of freedom, the body will recover much more quickly and with greater ease.

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