Welcome to the Space that always is…

Virtual Intimacy…

With so many electronic gadgets siphoning the life force, is it any wonder humanity has turned into some kind of robotic sub-species? Human beings are becoming more and more dysfunctional when it comes to direct interaction. We have relied upon our tech devices as adult pacifiers. We self-soothe with techno-gadgets, saying:

“Here little machine, help me be more, distract me, let me escape from all my feelings.” In return, the machine grants our wish, albeit temporarily. In reality we want authentic intimacy but are petrified of it. When actual human-to-human conversations do take place and we have a chance at a deep connection,  these tech doodads act as mediation portals, or they wait in standby mode, just a thought away from center stage.

Often times when people meet, one or both individuals have to finish up an urgent cell call, disconnect from an iPod, or finish an email on their blackberry. Some users attempt to keep an activity going while they engage with ‘living flesh’ humanity that stands right before their eyes.

That’s why I coined the term virtual intimacy. Don’t you feel closer to me already?!

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