Welcome to the Space that always is…

Most of us believe that if we think long and hard, ponder intelligently and thoughtfully, our wants, needs and desires will manifest. That is why we invest so much energy into thought, relentlessly perusing the files of mind—memory, logic, concepts, ideas and imagination—all with a preconceived conclusion in mind.

How many of us have stepped back and really looked with awareness and insight into the absolute futility of this practice? It leads only to suffering, agonizing turmoil, utter frustration, gloom and doom. You see thoughts are not real and have no power to create. Yet we spend countless hours each day lost in the realm of thought.

There is a space that is beyond thought, that watches thought, that is always at peace. Almost all thought has an element of searching in it. I want, I need, I desire are pulsating, relentless keeping the search on, like a cheerleading squad trying to urge the team on for victory. This ceaseless, inner noise has no influence on reality. Claiming an influential or negative effect is all the mind can do. It alternates between the cheerleader for the home team and opposing team, urging the team on towards victory or offering solace in defeat. Back and forth, around and around, making conclusions, claiming responsibility, thoughts keep attempting to come into being, much like a dog chasing it tail. It is a false you chasing an imaginary tale.

We must be vigilant and see with clarity from awareness. As soon as we believe anything as absolute fact, we are lost in the realm of mind (thoughts).

Stop identifying with thinking now. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It works for every ailment.

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